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Surplus Property

Tagged College property should never placed in the trash or recycling by Departments. Property removal should always be done by, or in conjunction with, the Property Control Office, with the necessary signed documentation (PDF). Removing surplus property from the campus for private or any other use is strictly prohibited. This includes taking property already designated for disposal or recycling.

Campus Furniture & Equipment Reuse

Would you like to furnish your campus space with a table, chair, desk, stool or bookshelf? Perhaps you need a filing cabinet! Our Property Control Assistant, Deb Snyder, may have exactly what you are looking for. Deb manages our surplus property on campus, which creates the opportunity for a thrift store-like experience. Except, this thrift store is free for campus use! Contact Deb for more information and to see what items are available.

Scrap Computers and Electronics

All surplus computers and electronics in poor or scrap condition are recycled using certified electronics recyclers. At no time are these items to be placed in the trash. As a general rule, if it has a plug, recycle it. Please contact Deb Snyder for more details or to request a pickup.

Surplus Process

ESF is a state agency, therefore it must follow NYS Office of General Services (OGS) regulations for surplus property. The process is outlined below:

  1. Faculty/staff member no longer has use for furniture/equipment. That individual contacts their Departmental Property Control Designee (see list below)

  2. Departmental Property Control Designee contacts Deb Snyder, Property Control Officer

  3. Deb assess furniture/equipment and sends photos to all Departmental Property Control Designees

  4. Designees send photos to members of their Department to see if anyone has use for items.

  5. If there is a use for an item/s, Designee alerts Deb Snyder and item/s are moved

  6. If there is no use for item/s on campus, Deb contacts other SUNY schools to see if they have use

  7. If other SUNYs do not have need, Deb sends photos to OGS State Surplus Property for inclusion on the State's Ebay Store

  8. If item/s do not sell, ESF is issued a Local Disposition Authorization (LDA)

  9. ESF is then able to recycle or dispose of item

Departmental Property Control Designees

Academic Finance Patricia Henson
Alumni Affairs Nichole Dougherty
Analytical & Technical Services Mike Satchwell
Biotech Center Mike Satchwell
Business Affairs Debbie Snyder
Center of Excellence (Clarkson) Mike Satchwell
Chemical Engineering Ray Appleby
Chemistry Kate Bailee
Communications Karen Moore
Computing & Network Services Jim Sahm
Development Office Selena Giampa
Energy Conservation Development and Controls Josh Arnold
Environmental and Forest Biology Pat McHale
Environmental Health & Safety Pete Vandemark
Environmental Resources Engineering Karen Karker
Environmental Science Cariann Linehan
Environmental Studies Rebecca Hart
Facilities Planning Design & Construction John Joyce
Financial Aid Kate Harris
Forest Properties -Warrensburg PAC Forest Bruce Breitmeyer
Forest Properties (South) Mark Appleby
Human Resources Angel Petrie
Information Systems Ken Stvan
Instruction and Graduate Studies Laura Payne
ITS Media Christopher Baycura
Landscape Architecture Deb Storrings
Moon Library Donna Follett
Newcomb (Adirondack Ecological Center) Sharon Steen
Office of Experiential Learning and Outreach Maura Stefl
Open Academy Mary Rathbun
President's Office/Diversity Lela Randall
Provost Sue Nevins
Ranger School (Wanakena & Cranberry Lake) Debbra Lawrence
Registrar Rachel Cullivan
Research Programs Anne Knapp
Student Affairs Megan Thurston
Sustainable Resource Management (FNRM) Heather Engleman / Stephanie Melnyczuk
Syracuse Pulp & Paper Foundation Deborah DeWitt
Undergraduate Admissions Laurie Dufore
University Police Richard White
VP Administration Baylee Woods

students with surplus property


Deb Snyder
Property Control Assistant