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Eugenia petrikensis
Top 10 New Species of 2013

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Endangered Forest
Eugenia is a large, worldwide genus of woody evergreen trees and shrubs of the myrtle family that is particularly diverse in South America, New Caledonia and Madagascar. The new species E. petrikensis is a shrub growing to two meters with emerald green, slightly glossy, foliage and beautiful dense clusters of small magenta flowers. It is one of seven new species described from the littoral forest of eastern Madagascar and is considered to be an endangered species. It is only the latest evidence of the unique and numerous species found in this specialized humid forest that grows on sandy substrate within kilometers of the shoreline. Once forming a continuous band 1,600 km long, the littoral forest has been reduced to isolated, vestigial fragments under pressure from human populations.

Country: New Madagascar

Snow, N., Rabenantoandro, J., Randriatafika, F., Rabehevitra, D., Razafimamonjy, N. D., and S. Cable. 2012. Studies of Malagasy Eugenia (Myrtaceae) — III: Seven new species of high conservation concern from the eastern littoral forests. Phytotaxa 48, 39-60.

Photo credit:
David Rabehevitra