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Peer Tutoring at SUNY-ESF Academic Success Center
109A Moon Library
(315) 470-6752

Tutoring Training Workshops Calendar

No events are available.

Tutoring is a great service offered to ESF students through our Peer Tutoring Program. Drop-in style tutoring is available for some selected undergraduate courses, please refer to the schedule below for the most up-to-date schedule of services:

Tutoring Schedule

Our focus is mainly on lower division, undergraduate courses.

Tutoring Request Form

  • (Some students qualify for 1:1 tutors only if you are in CSTEP, EOP, or are receiving academic accommodations through ODS at Syracuse University.)

Registration Form

If you have questions or concerns about your tutoring support, do not hesitate to contact us.

Amelia Hoffman

Tutor/TA Shift Report:

Tutor/TA Shift Report

Want to Become a Tutor?

Tutor Training

All tutors are required to participate in a Tutor Training session to review necessary paperwork before becoming a tutor. Additionally, during the academic year, the Center provides a variety of Tutor Training Workshops to assist in your development as a tutor. A complete list of dates & times for these workshops are available at the Academic Success Center.

(Prospective tutors must have received a B or better in desired courses)

In order to fill out the human resources employee application you will need forms of ID and be able to fill out tax information. You will need to provide two of the following three documents:

  1. A Valid Drivers License
  2. Social Security Card
  3. Birth Certificate
Or you can bring in a valid passport and that will provide them with all the information required.

FAQs about becoming a Peer Tutor

By filling out an application, am I guaranteed the opportunity to tutor?
Not necessarily. We do our best to provide each qualified tutor the opportunity to tutor. However, the availability of tutors and tutees and the demand for tutors in a given subject can prevent this from happening. The more courses that you are willing to tutor and the more times that you are available will increase the likelihood that a match can be made.

Is tutoring a part time job?
Most tutors consider tutoring an extra-curricular activity, or resume builder, and not a part time job. You will not become a wealthy college student by tutoring.

Do I need work study or financial aid to become a peer tutor?
No. The tutoring program is not a work-study job. It is independent from work-study or financial aid.

How many hours will I work?
The number of hours you would like to tutor is entirely up to how many hours per week you would want, the demand for the courses you are approved to tutor for, and the demands of your schedule. Typical tutors will tutor two hours a week.

How many students will I work with?
Since tutoring is changing to drop in style tutoring you will experience a greater variety of students and group sizes.

All tutors are required to attend one "Introduction to Tutoring" workshop during the Fall/Spring semester. Additionally, to foster appropriate development of one's skills, Tutors are also encouraged to attend at least one of the Tutor Training workshops held during the semester, and if interested we will offer CRLA Certification for tutors as well. The schedule for these workshops are available in the ASC, on our Tutoring Services webpage, and via the Peer Tutor Coordinator.

All tutoring sessions are arranged by the Academic Support Services Office and the Peer Tutor Coordinator.

After filling out the application you will be sent a schedule of tutor training. You are required to attend one tutor training session before you will be placed with a drop-in slot.