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How do I get a tutor? Academic Success Center
Centennial Hall B014 or 110 Bray Hall
(315) 470-4909

There are two different types of tutoring assistance available at ESF: individual/small group and large group tutoring. In individual/small group tutoring, up to five students meet with a tutor for a one-hour block of time each week to go over course material. Large group tutoring is offered in Biology (fall/spring), General Chemistry (fall/spring), Calculus (fall/spring), and Organic Chemistry. These sessions allow participants to drop-in and receive immediate help with an assignment, clarification of lecture materials, or to ask a quick question. No application is necessary - just show up!

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The Tutoring Coordinator will respond to your request via email. If you do not receive a response within 72 hours, contact

Students at tutoringFrequently Asked Questions:

What are the large group tutoring times?
Stop by the Academic Succes Center for a current schedule!

What courses can I get a tutor in?
Tutors are only available for ESF undergraduate courses and SU Physics. Our focus is on lower division introductory courses. Tutors are generally readily available for these courses. Tutors for upper level courses may be available as well. However, there is no guarantee and it may take up to two weeks to recruit a tutor for an upper level class.

What if I need a tutor for an SU course?
We can only provide a tutor for SU Physics due to the requirement of some ESF academic programs to take that course at Syracuse University. Other courses that are taught SU, please see the course web page for TA/Professor office hours or clinic hours for SU Calculus and Physics courses. You can also contact SU’s Tutoring and Study Center at 443-2005 or for information regarding SU Tutoring Services.

When should I sign up for a tutor?
Be proactive and get help as soon as possible to receive assistance in the course. Don't wait until the last minute before an exam to request a tutor because you probably won't be able to meet with your assigned tutor before you take the exam.

How long will it take to get a tutor?
In most cases, you will receive notice via e-mail of being matched with a tutor within a couple days. If we need to recruit new tutors to meet your request, it could take up to a week or more. Occasionally, we are unable to supply a tutor. In such cases, we will notify you and suggest other options.

Is there a fee for a tutor?
Generally tutoring is free. Only in special situations may a student have to pay for these services.

Does tutoring take the place of visiting my professor and teaching assistants?
No. You should continue to visit your professor and teaching assistants during their office hours. They may provide you with additional information and provide better answers than your tutor is able to. These are the people that assign your final grade to you and it is a good idea to interact with them.

How can my tutoring privileges be revoked?
Not attending class regularly or failing to notify your tutor in advance that you are unable to attend a session can result in your tutoring privileges being revoked for the semester.