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How do I become a peer tutor? Academic Success Center
Centennial Hall B014 or 110 Bray Hall
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The ESF Tutoring Program is always looking for new tutors in all ESF subjects. Tutoring positions are paid an hourly wage based on availability and the demand for a tutor in particular subject(s). For each course you wish to tutor, you must have earned a grade of B or better. Generally, tutors are matched with a group of tutees and work with those tutees in one subject up to one hour per week.

To become a peer tutor:

The Peer Tutor Coordinator will respond to your application within a couple of days. If you are eligible to become a Peer Tutor, the Tutor Coordinator will schedule a tutor training time with you to go over procedures and paperwork. If you do not receive a response within 72 hours, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

By filling out an application, am I guaranteed the opportunity to tutor?
Not necessarily. We do our best to provide each qualified tutor the opportunity to tutor. However, the availability of tutors and tutees and the demand for tutors in a given subject can prevent this from happening. The more courses that you are willing to tutor and the more times that you are available will increase the likelihood that a match can be made.

Is tutoring a part time job?
Most tutors consider tutoring an extra-curricular activity, or resume builder, and not a part time job. You will not become a wealthy college student by tutoring.

Do I need work study or financial aid to become a peer tutor?
No. The tutoring program is not a work study job. It is independent from work study or financial aid.

Students studyingHow many hours will I work?
The number of hours you would like to tutor is entirely up to you and the demands of your schedule. Typical tutors will tutor two hours a week.

How many students will I work with?
Most tutors are placed in small group tutoring sessions and work with two to five students at a time. We like to encourage small groups as much as possible since they provide the tutee with a ready made study group.