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Duties of the University Police University Police Department

The University Police Department is responsible for providing the ESF college community with a safe and healthful environment in which to work, live and learn. The department is service oriented and specializes in meeting the needs of an urban college. The duties of the University Police include foot and mobile patrol, law enforcement, criminal investigations, medical emergency coordination, community relations, traffic and parking services and crime prevention.

Under Section 355, Subdivision 2, Paragraph L of the State Education Law, University Police Officers are defined as "Police" and "shall have the powers of Police Officers as set forth in section 1.20(34) of the Criminal Procedure Law."

The University Police Department is dedicated to providing the highest degree of protection possible to you and your possessions during your career at ESF, but to do that, we need your help. We encourage all members of the campus community to get involved in their own safety and to feel free to contact us whenever they become aware of a situation that falls within our charter.

We are not SU Public Safety...

...but we work with them!

1. Why two departments?

Although the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry shares the campus with Syracuse University, they are two separate schools, one public and the latter private. Syracuse University has a highly professional Public Safety Department under it's own control. We have a University Police Department that is responsible only to SUNY-ESF. Although both departments perform basically the same functions and frequently interact and support each other, each is responsible only for its own campus. Also, SU Public Safety Officers are peace officers under New York State law, while we are police officers. The differences between the two types of officers are mostly technical and for most practical purposes the jobs are the same. The rule of thumb is, if it is on ESF property or pertains to ESF, come to us. If it has to do with SU, contact them first. Of course, in an emergency, flag down any officer and you'll be helped.

2. How to contact SU Public Safety

Phone: 315-443-2224
Web site: https://dps.syr.edu/

3. When to contact SU Public Safety instead of us

If you need Public Safety assistance with a matter on Syracuse University property or pertaining to Syracuse University activities, contact them. If you are not sure who the problem belongs to, call us and we'll steer you in the right direction.