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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Emergency Response Procedures ESF Campus Emergency Procedures

SUNY-ESF has developed an all hazards Emergency Response Plan which incorporates the Incident Command System for organizing, coordinating and directing available resources toward the control of an emergency.  The Emergency Response Plan designates University Police as the initial contact for reporting all emergency situations and as the central point of communication during the response and resolution of all emergencies.  Upon receiving the initial contact, the University Police Officer in Charge (OIC) will make an initial judgment about the level of response necessary and communicate with the appropriate personnel as outlined in the plan.

Role of Students

Every student should familiarize himself with the emergency procedures and evacuation routes in buildings they live in or use frequently.  Students must be prepared to assess situations quickly and use common sense in determining a course of action.  They should evacuate areas when an alarm sounds or directed to do so by emergency responders.

Role of Faculty and Staff

All ESF Faculty and Staff should familiarize themselves with ESF emergency response guidelines published and available on the University Police web page at www.esf.edu/univpolice/ .  Faculty and Staff should also plan in advance the best route to take in their respective buildings to quickly evacuate and be mindful that you are seen as a leader by students in your charge and must be prepared to direct them to a safe area in the event of an emergent situation.