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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Adobe Contribute

Uploading Documents with Contribute

The following tutorials will show you how to add and link documents (DOC, PDF, PPT, Excel, etc.) to your website using Contribute:

First time User?

The web office is no longer able to offer support for Adobe Contribute. However, if you have questions or need assistance with a work-around, contact us:

123 Bray, web@esf.edu

Know and Remember

Contribute is an old, miserable app that will soon be replaced. It will...

  • be slow (very slow sometimes),
  • irritate you with multiple warning pop-ups (to clear, say yes, no, click the X, hit return repeatedly - doesn't matter), and,
  • may display so badly that you can't make your edits (contact web@esf.edu).

Setting Up and Connecting

Once your folder access permissions are set by the web office and Contribute is installed on your computer, you need to use a connection 'wizard' to configure Contribute to access your web files:


1) Launch Contribute (quit and launch again if it is already open) — Do NOT click on an existing connection!

2) Open the wizard — Choose whichever of these two options you see/prefer:

  • Use the "Create Connection" option that appears in button at the top left corner of the app window, OR
  • Choose "Website Connection" in the window of Site Connections that appears when you launch the app.

NOTE — At any point, if you see...

— the "Subversion" window, SKIP IT.
— a query about 'removing admin settings,' DO IT! You will check a checkbox, click a button, then confirm with a 'yes' in a dialog box.

3) In answer to "What is the web address (URL) of your website?", use https:// , not http:// . Examples of a total address would be: https://www.esf.edu/housing/ or https://www.esf.edu/students/service/

4) In answer to "How do you connect to your web server?" choose: Secure FTP (SFTP)

5) In answer to "What is the name of your SFTP server?" type exactly: www-2.esf.edu

Your SFTP username and password are your usual esf.edu email/webmail username and password.

Contact the web office if you need any help — web@esf.edu.