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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Course Titles

Course Title Offered Instructor (Her comments)
CMN 493 Env. Communication Workshop Spring Sue Senecah
CLL 190 Writing and the Environment Fall Mostly taught by adjuct women
CLL 290 Perspectives on the Environment Spring Mostly taught by adjuct women
CLL 390 Literature of Nature Spring Janine DeBaise
CLL 405 Writing for the Sci. Professional Either Mostly taught by adjuct women
CLL 410 Writing for the Env. Professional Spring Mostly taught by adjuct women
CLL 490 Literature of Nature Spring Janine DeBaise
CLL 496 Urban Environmental Literature Spring Janine DeBaise
EFB 401/601 Molecular Biology Techniques Fall
EFB 409/609 Molecular Basis of Evolution Spring
EFB 487/796 Fisheries Biology Fall Karin Limburg
EFB 496 Marine Ecology Spring Kim Schulz
EFB 496/796 Human and Animal Mycoses Fall (offered upon request)
EFB 496/796 Land & Culture/Native Am. perspective Spring Robin Kimmerer
EFB 502 Watershed Ecology Spring Karin Limburg
EFB 498 Research Problem Both June Wang (offered upon request)
EFB 519 Introduction to Geographic Modeling Spring Myrna Hall
EFB 524 Limnology Fall Kim Schulz
EFB 796 Advanced Mycology-Deuteromycetes Spring June Wang (offered upon request)
EFB 797 Topics in Aquatic Ecology Kim Schulz
ENS 606 Env. Risk Perception Fall
ENS 496/796 Readings in Urban Ecology Spring Myrna Hall
ENS 696 Survey Research Methods Spring
ERE 310 Environmental Measurements and Spatial Information Spring Lindi Quackenbush
ERE496/596 GIS for Engineers Spring Lindi Quackenbush
ERE 596 Data Management Fall Lindi Quackenbush
ERE 596 Microtechnique Fall Susan Anagnost
ERE 770 Biodegradation of wood Spring Susan Anagnost
ESF 200 Information Literacy Both Verostek, Ellis, or Elkins
EST 361/ENS695 History/Am. Env. Movement Fall
EST 366 Attitudes, Values, and the Environment Spring Valerie Luzadis
FOR 203 American History Fall Sarah Vonhof
FCH 150 General Chemistry Fall Kelley Donaghey
FCH 152 General Chemistry II Spring Kelley Donaghey
FOR 296 Western Civilization Spring Sarah Vonhof
FOR 372/796- 2 Fundamentals of Outdoor Recreation Spring Diane Kuehn
FOR 476/676 Tourism Planning Fall Diane Kuehn
FOR 694 Writing for Sci. Publication Fall Ruth Yanai
FOR 695 Research Methods Fall Valerie Luzadis
FOR 797 Current Issues in Forest Policy Spring Valerie Luzadis
FOR 797 Ecological Economics and Policy Seminar Spring Valerie Luzadis
FOR 496/797 Women & Environmental Careers Spring Heather Engelman and Diane Kuehn
LSA 326 LA Design Studio I Fall
LSA 327 LA Design Studio II Spring
LSA 342 Construction Technology Spring Robin Hoffman
LSA 382 Graphic Communication Fall
LSA 422 LA Design Studio III Fall Robin Hoffman
LSA 423 LA Design Studio IV Spring Robin Hoffman
LSA 552 Graphic Communication Fall Kathy Stribley
LSA 615 Site Construction Spring Robin Hoffman
LSA 696 Landscape Representation Fall
WPE 376 Decay of Wood Products Spring Susan Anagnost

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