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studentsESF in the High School

Area high school students earn college credit while discovering critical connections between reading, writing, and the environment by taking our introductory composition course, EWP 190 Writing and the Environment.


High school English teachers, appointed as adjunct instructors for ESF, deliver the course in their home schools, making it accessible and convenient for their students.

College Credit and Scholarships

Earning college credit while still in high school is a key advantage for students enrolled in the ESF in the High School program. Participants also take part in orientation programs and various campus activities offered throughout the year.

Scholarships are available to qualified students who participate in ESF in the High School.

Students who successfully complete an ESF in the High School course, and who meet associated admissions criteria, are guaranteed admission to ESF.

Learning Goals

Students taking EWP 190 as part of the ESF in the High School program get introduced to rhetoric, develop their critical thinking skills, and expand their reading and writing skills. They also learn to critique their own writing, and the writing of their peers, with respect to style, organization, development, format, and other rhetorical considerations.

studentsCourse Activities

A range of writing activities for the course include brainstorming, free writing, drafting, and revising, resulting in projects such as analytical papers, journals, and environmental children's books. Field trips and retreats may also be part of the curriculum. The objective is to provide multiple ways of thinking about environmental topics in order to understand the complex ways in which they affect individuals, communities, and the world.

Campus Resources

In addition to their course work, ESF in the High School participants are invited to take advantage of extensive on-campus resources, including research materials found in the college's Moon Library-from data bases, e-journals, to print materials, and photo archives.

studentsFeedback from Students

Students who have participated in ESF in the High School say they appreciate the challenge of the college-level course work. Aside from noting improvements in their writing and communication abilities, they report growth in their time management and organizational skills.

For More Information

Contact Maura Stefl, Office of Experiential Learning and Outreach - (315) 470-6817.