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The Public Speaking Lab (PSL)

Welcome to the PSL!! The 2021-2022 academic year is an exciting time to meet the PSL staff and to learn what this free student service offers. Our mission statement is "To support, guide, inspire confidence and improve ESF students' ongoing public speaking and communication skillsets through collaborative dialogue." Below, you will find helpful information, including the PSL location, services offered, how to book an appointment for your tutoring session with one of our PSL tutors, current tutor pictures and biographic information and the PSL tutoring schedule. In addition, there are PSL video tutorials and the "Speaking of the Environment" podcast series. To learn more about the PSL, please reach out to the PSL Coordinator: Christina Ciereck caciereck@esf.edu.

Thank you for your support during the 2021-2022 academic year.


The PSL is located in 13-B Moon Library (in the back of the Writing Resource Center). This is where your tutoring appointment will take place with your selected tutor. Before your session, please consider going to Moon Library (lower level) to see where the lab is located.


The PSL supports the development of our undergraduate and graduate students' public, academic, and professional speaking skills. PSL student tutors will work with you in person to provide formative feedback on presentations and presentation materials (from outlines, organization and presentation visuals).

Making Your Appointment

To make an appointment, visit the PSL online scheduling system, Appointy @ ESF Public Speaking Lab and select a tutor and an available time that works for you. Check your email for a confirmation from the Appointy System and the tutor. Your selected tutor will respond to you via email and take you through the necessary steps to complete your appointment as well as how we can make the most out of your appointment time.

Spring 2021 PSL Tutor Schedule

The PSL is available Monday-Friday and is closed Saturday, Sunday and weekday holidays.

Fall 2021 Hours

Please click here (PDF) for Fall 2021 Tutor Schedule.

  • a tutor working with a student
  • a meeting
  • information desk
  • meeying
  • a presentation
  • a presentation

Video Tutorials and Resources

PSL Podcast Series - "Speaking of the Environment"

Episode 1 'Speaking From The Heart' with Dr. Valerie Luzadis, hosted by Eddie Ward can be found here.

Episode 2 'Planting A Seed' with Dr. Silje Kristiansen, hosted by Bridget Jones can be found here.

PSL - Reading Material - Helpful Tips

If you are interested in reading material which will augment your PSL experience please contact Christina Ciereck at caciereck@esf.edu. The material includes a wide range of helpful tips. For example, topics such as: presentation organization; public presentation and anxiety; and successful poster presentations.

Faculty Requests for PSL Services

We welcome assignment and course-specific collaborations with faculty. In order to ensure that our small staff can receive training and accommodate students in a timely manner, we recommend that faculty contact the lab coordinator (Christina Ciereck at caciereck@esf.edu) one month before the service is needed.

PSL Staff

Samantha LaSalle

Samantha LaSalle, PSL Tutor
Email: salasall@syr.edu
Academic Year: Senior
Major:  Environmental Science
Minor:  Undecided
Areas of Expertise in Public Presentation: Designing presentations, organizing and brainstorming ideas for speeches, and tricks to help reduce anxiety when public speaking.
General Interests: Hiking, listening to music, watching netflix, swimming, and being with friends.

Elizabeth Malecki

Elizabeth Malecki, PSL Tutor
Email: ermaleck@syr.edu
Academic Year: Senior
Major:  Environmental Education and Interpretation
Minor:  Environmental Writing and Rhetoric
Areas of Expertise in Public Presentation: Organizing speeches with a cohesive flow, creating connections between presenters and the audience using ethos, pathos, or logos, and helping presenters reduce and overcome anxiety associated with public speaking.
General Interests: Hiking, kayaking, yoga, thrifting, camping, and re-watching The Office.

Michael D'accurzio

Michael D'accurzio, PSL Tutor
Email: madaccur@syr.edu
Academic Year: Sophomore
Major:  Forest Resource Management
Areas of Expertise in Public Presentation: Transitioning from the outline to the actual speech, delivery skills with a strong focus on eye contact, projection, and connecting with the audience, and adding creativity to speeches.
General Interests: Fly fishing, hiking, birding, and tying flies.

Bailey Walts

Bailey Walts, PSL Tutor
Email: bwalts@syr.edu
Academic Year: Graduate Student
Major:  Environmental Science
Areas of Expertise in Public Presentation: Organizational skills in both written and verbal communication, delivery skills, and transition of ideas through the speech making process (progressing from the brainstorm, to the outline, to the speech)
General Interests: Houseplants, freshwater aquariums, hiking, and stringed instruments.

Christina Ciereck

Christina Ciereck, PSL Coordinator
9I Moon