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e s f letters

SU Lacrosse Has Roots at Forestry College

Forestry College professor brought lacrosse to The Hill

Forestry students first introduced the game of lacrosse to Syracuse University in 1916.

"Led by Laurie Cox, head of the Landscape Architecture Department, they put together a team, which by 1923, was strong enough to journey to England and win the World Lacrosse Championship." (Forestry College Essays on the Growth and Development of New York State's College of Forestry 1911-1961)

With Syracuse University once again fielding a top-ranked lacrosse team and heading into the NCAA Tournament as the No. 1 seed, it's an interesting time to remember the team has its roots at ESF.

Pictured is Tom Nelson, LA '89, who played on the Syracuse University team in the 1980s.

ESF students continue to participate in myriad athletic and student activities at SU but they are no longer permitted to play on Division I athletic teams.