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Senior Soccer Success

Heather Carl began her college search with three criteria in mind. She wanted a good environmental program, a competitive soccer team and affordability. When she toured ESF, she was immediately charmed by the campus community. Being on the campus felt like being at home, she said, as everyone was kind and open-minded.

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Chestnut Poised for Return

Scores of tiny American chestnut seedlings that grow in a field in the upstate New York countryside could be the vanguard in the resurgence of what was once the most dominant tree in the eastern forests. The young trees carry one gene, added by scientists to the 38,000 genes that occur naturally in American chestnuts, that makes them capable of withstanding the invasive blight that wiped out billions of their ancestors a century ago.

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Walk on the Wild Side

shewa shwani unsung hero

Walking with lions is an experience ESF senior Kristine Earley won't forget. The four weeks that Earley, an environmental education and interpretation major, spent on an animal reserve in Hartesbeespoort, South Africa, was teeming with memorable moments. During her stay, made possible through a Rosen Undergraduate Fellowship from ESF, Earley worked on various "life improvement projects" for the animals in rehabilitation care as well as upkeep of the reserve grounds.

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