EFB 435/635 Flowering Plants: Diversity, Evolution, & Systematics
State University of New York, College of Environmental Science & Forestry, Syracuse, NY

Shorts from The Private Life of Plants by David Attenborough  
The biggest flower in the world (Titan Arum, Araceae, Alismatales)
Flowers & coevolution of specialized pollinators (Iris, Iridaceae, Asparagales)
Orchid sham & bamboozled insects (Orchidaceae, Asparagales)
Giant waterlillies in the Amazon (Nymphaeaceae, Nymphaeales)
Meat-eating plants (Venus fly trap, Caryophyllales & Pitcher-plant, Ericales)
How an animal trap is made (Pitcher-plant, Saraceniaceae, Ericales)
Other time-lapse plant photography & plant documentaries
The Botany of Desire (PBS)
The Seedy Side of Plants (PBS)
Flowering (Botanical time lapse by Kris Holmes)
The Queen of Trees: Mutual Dependence (PBS)
Pollination Ecology in Tropical Figs (by Georges Michaloud)
Silence of the Bees (PBS)

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