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The Roosevelt Wild Life Station

The Roosevelt Wild Life Station (RWLS) is a historic research center within the ESF Department of Environmental and Forest Biology (EFB). The mission of the RWLS is to deliver the science and trained professionals to preserve our wildlife heritage and save imperiled species worldwide.

  • hippos
  • American marten
  • snow leopard
  • student using radio telemetry
  • planting American chestnut
  • student doing field work
  • wasp
  • coyote pups
  • coyote pups
  • releasing a plover
  • Two students with muskellunge
  • measuring a turtle
  • bison with calf
  • frog
  • flowers
  • ibex
  • egg collection
  • student in workshop
  • plover chick

Over the last 10 years EFB/RWLS has attracted about $2.6 million annually in conservation research: funds earned are apportioned among fish and wildlife (31%), ecosystems (27%), plants (18%), and invertebrates (8%). RWLS proudly supports the "limitless" conservation work envisioned when the station was founded in 1919.

"The establishment of the Roosevelt Wild Life Forest Experiment Station marks the first active step in a movement… likely to go far in the United States… The work of the Roosevelt Station will thus consist of experiment, investigation, and general research into the wild life which occupies millions of acres of land and water…the work that such an experiment station may do is almost limitless, and its possibilities are as yet quite beyond the range of our imagination." Editorial published in Forest and Stream magazine, August 1919, Volume 89, p 409

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