Dovciak Lab in Plant Ecology
State University of New York, College of Environmental Science & Forestry, Syracuse, NY
Department of Environmental and Forest Biology — SUNY ESF — 1 Forestry Drive — Syracuse — NY 13210
Current research
Global change impacts on forest dynamics & biodiversity
  • Data science for understanding global changes in World's forests (more...)
  • Global change impacts on forests of northeastern U.S. (more...)
  • Vegetation change in Long Island Central Pine Barrens (more...)
  • Effects of acidic deposition on forest plant biodiversity (more...)
  • Land-use history effects on ants and myrmecochorous plants (more...)
Examples of past research by category
Ecology and conservation of rare species
  • Enhancing ecosystem function through conservation (more...)
  • Persistence of rare cycads in angiosperm-dominated communities (more...)
  • Using fire to maintain vegetative habitat of an endangered snake (more...)
Forest ecosystem management effects on biodiversity
  • Evaluating and managing deer impacts on forests of New York state (more...)
  • Diversity-stability relations in forest herbs after timber harvest (more...)
  • Forest regrowth and edge effects in regenerating forest landscapes (more...)
  • Long-term responses of forest understories to retention harvests (more...)
  • Movement of invasive plant propagules in powerline corridors (more...)
Forest regeneration, stand dynamics, and silviculture
  • Effects of different thinning regimes on understory light environment (more...)
  • Environmental controls on white pine regeneration and recruitment (more...)
  • Spatial patterns of white pine regeneration and recruitment (more...)
  • Spatial patterns of beech thicket formation and beech bark disease (more...)
Patterns of tree invasions in grasslands & peatlands
  • Pathways in old-field succession to white pine (more...)
  • Environmental controls on Norway spruce invasion into grassland (more...)
  • Spatial patterns of grassland invasions by Norway spruce (more...)
  • Tree encroachment into boreal peatland communities (more...)
Influence of land-use history on biodiversity
  • Effects of land-use history on harvestmen assemblages (more...)
  • Changes in forest ant assemblages across ecosystem boundaries (more...)
  • Influence of shrub encroachment on grassland ant assemblages (more...)
  • Effects of introduced conifers on diversity of forest ground beetles (more...)
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