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Tropical Ecology in the News

Volcano in Ecuador showing signs of 'potential collapse' [February 19, 2020; C-Net]

Ancient fish dinners chart Sahara’s shift from savannah to desert [February 19, 2020; Guardian]

Could mega-dams kill the mighty River Nile? [an interactive report; February 2020; Al Jazeera English]

Call of the wild: eco adventures in Argentina’s Iberá wetlands [February 13, 2020; Guardian]

Increasing Amazon deforestation rates over the past decade [January 15, 2020; Mongabay News]

Massive and malodorous – world's biggest flower found in tropical Sumatra [January 14, 2020; Guardian]

Top 15 new species described in 2019 in the Tropics [December 26, 2020; Mongabay News]

Amazonian tree with human-sized leaves finally gets ID’d as new species [November 22, 2019; Mongabay News]

Ecuador's vanishing jaguars: the big cat vital to rainforest survival [Novermber 11, 2019; Guardian]

Oil spill threatens vast areas of mangroves and coral reefs in Brazil [November 7, 2019; Guardian]

Makers of Oreos, KitKats among brands linked to Indonesia forest fires [November 6, 2019; Mongabay News]

The Amazon on Fire- Extensive Smoke Observed from Space [August 20, 2019; Vice News]

Ethiopia plants 350m trees in a day to help tackle climate crisis [July 29, 2019; Guardian]

Climate change and deforestation together push tropical species towards extinction [July 8, 2019; ScienceNews]

The Great Insect Dying: The tropics in trouble and some hope [June 10, 2019; Mongabay News]

Ancient human populations declined under erratic climate in the Amazon/S. America [May 9, 2019; ScienceNews]

Amazon's trees get taste of air of the future [April 19, 2019; Guardian]

Páramos under threat [April 9, 2019; Guardian]

Mount Kilimanjaro: Climate–land-use interactions shape tropical mountain biodiversity and ecosystem functions [March 27, 2019; Science Daily]

Spiders and other invertebrates eat a surprising amount of vertebrates in Peru’s rainforests [Feb. 28, 2019; National Geographic]

Costa Rica unveils plan to achieve zero emissions by 2050 in climate change fight [Feb. 25, 2019; Guardian]

Amazon at risk: Brazil plans rapid road and rail infrastructure expansion [Feb. 12, 2019; Mongabay News]

Insect collapse in Puerto Rican rainforest: ‘We are destroying our life support systems' [Jan. 15, 2019; Guardian]

Cambodia seizes record three-tonne haul of African ivory [Dec. 16, 2018; Guardian]

COP24: Tropical deforestation risks undermining 1.5-degree warming limit [Dec. 13, 2018; Mongabay News]

Tropical trees in the Andes are moving up -- toward extinction [Nov. 14, 2018, ScienceDaily]

Ancient termite megapolis as large as Britain found in Brazil [Nov. 21, 2018, CNN]

Conservation successes' bring hope for mountain gorilla [Nov. 14, 2018; BBC News]

WWF report: Mass wildlife loss caused by human consumption [Oct. 30, 2018, BBC News]

Huge rainforest arthropod declines documented in Puerto Rico [Oct. 16, 2018, The Scientist]

Amazon mangroves store twice as much carbon per acre as region's rainforest [Sept. 27, 2018, Science News]

Climate change may drive decline in amphibian species in the Atlantic Rainforest [Sept. 12, 2018, Science News]

Encouraging scientists to collaborate on the tropics [Sept. 10, 2018, AAAS EurekAlert!]

Tree species richness in Amazon wetlands is three times greater than expected [Aug. 24, 2018, Science News]

Can Ecuador do palm oil right? Jurisdictional RSPO commitment stirs hope [Aug. 10, 2018, Mongabay News]

Chevron must pay for environmental damage in Ecuador, court rule [Aug. 3, 2018, Mongabay News]

Tropical treetops are warming, putting sensitive species at risk [July 26, 2018, Science News]

The world lost an area of tropical forest the size of Bangladesh in 2017 [June 27, 2018, Mongabay News]

US/China trade war could boost Brazil soy export, Amazon deforestation [June 21, 2018, Mongabay News]

Tree species vital to restoring disturbed tropical forests [May 29, 2018, Science News]

Tall and older Amazonian forests more resistant to droughts [May 28, 2018, Science News]

Small changes in rainforests cause big damage to fish ecosystems [April 19, 2018, Science News]

Madagascar's vanilla wars: prized spice drives death and deforestation [March 31, 2018, Guardian]

Keep off our land, indigenous women tell Ecuador's presiden [March 23, 2018, Guardian]

World’s largest desert, the Sahara, has grown by 10 percent since 1920 [March 29, 2018, NSF News]

Brazil faces new yellow fever outbreak – and questions over lack of preparedness [March 28, 2018, Guardian]

81 lost Amazon villages uncovered by archaeologists [March 27, 2018, Guardian]

Last male northern white rhino's death highlights 'huge extinction crisis' [March 20, 2018, Guardian]

Amazon forest to savannah tipping point could be far closer than thought [March 5, 2018, Mongabay News]

Brazil 'invites deforestation' with overhaul of environmental laws [March 1, 2018, Guardian]

Sprawling Maya ruins discovered under Guatemala jungle [Feb. 2, 2018, BBC News]

Water is key to tropical forest carbon storage [Jan. 25, 2018, NSF LTER Network]

On the Amazon’s lawless frontier, murder mystery divides the locals and loggers [Jan. 20, 2018, Guardian]

Natural World Heritage Sites in trouble, especially in the Tropics [Jan. 11, 2018, Mongabay News]

Big fish keep tropical forests healthy [Dec. 12, 2017, The Economist]

Peru passes law allowing roads through pristine Amazon rainforest [Jan. 22, 2018, Guardian]

Asian wildlife trafficking 'kingpin' Boonchai Bach arrested [Jan. 20, 2018, BBC News]

Record Amazon fires, intensified by forest degradation, burn indigenous lands [Jan. 18, 2018, Mongabay News]

Study: Amazon dams are disrupting ecologically vital flood pulses [Jan. 10, 2018, Mongabay News]

The Amazon town, a coral reef, big oil, and a catastrophe waiting to happen [Dec. 27, 2017, Guardian]

Links between deforestation and fisheries yields in the Amazon [Dec. 13, 2017, Science Daily]

Global climate change increasing risk of crop losses and food insecurity in the tropical Andes [Nov. 8, 2017, Mongabay]

Tropical forests now emit more carbon than they soak up [Sept. 28, 2017, PBS News Hour]

Colorful maps reveal the hidden biodiversity in Peru's Andean and Amazonian forests [Sept 11, 2017, Los Angeles Times]

Caribbean mammal extinctions and human activity [Aug. 23, 2017, Science Daily]

Humans have been altering tropical forests for at least 45,000 years [Aug. 3, 2017, YubaNet.com]

Priorities for conservation of temperate migrant birds in their tropical wintering grounds [July 24, 2017, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology]

Tropical viruses: Comming soon...? [June 23, 2017, Science Daily]

Teleconnection between the tropical Pacific and Antarctica [May 11, 2017, Science Daily]

Coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef for two consecutive years (2016-2017) [April 16, 2017, The Straights Times]

Tropical lowland frogs at greater risk from climate warming than high-elevation species [April 7, 2017, Science Daily]

Fog and dew keep Africa's Namib Desert ecosystem going [March 22, 2017, National Science Foundation]

New wave of Amazon deforestation [Feb. 22, 2017, New York Times]

Scientists discover world's largest tropical peatland in remote Congo swamps [Jan. 11, 2017, Science Daily]

Caribbean bats need 8 million years to recover from recent extinction waves [Jan. 10, 2017, Phys.org]

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