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Here you can find a short description of the all of the stormwater resources this site has to offer. It is this site's goal to inform urban residents, commercial property owners, or public decision makers with insight and inspriation on how they can responsibly deal with surface runoff caused by rain water.

The functions provided by the different designs presented here are varied, and include:

Some of the suggested management practices are forms of Low Impact Development which try to naturalize the water cycle, and in doing so limit their impact on the environment. Look at the descriptions of each of the website's modules below, and visit them to learn how you can contribute to managing your community's stormwater.


This module describes nine different low-impact stormwater management techniques. For each tehnique, there is a descripton of what it is, how its work, and any design constraints or considerations that are relevant when selecting which practices is most effective for your property. This section outlines the benefits, both to stormwater management and to the property owner, that each of these practices provides.

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Stormwater Runoff Calculator

This component uses a Google Maps Drawing Tool and a two other of data servers to help you determine how much stormwater would run off of your property if a design rain storm were to happen today! This component also helps you to understand what physical properties at your site cause water to runoff, and allows you to see how installing a rain garden in a certain area may affect the volume of rainfall runoff.

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iTree Hydro

Once completed, this section will link you to the Distrubted iTree Hydro Model where you will input basic . For more info on the project, check out the iTree Hydro Software page


The glossary contains a list of stormwater terms and their definitions. Throughout the content of this website, you will find that certain key words are in green. These words link you to the glossary, so you can find the definition of each if you do not already know it.

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