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ESF Strategic Planning 2015-2020

Final Vision 2020 Update Bridging From 2016 to 2020 and Beyond
(submitted April 27, 2016 w/ minor revision May 1, 2016)

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee is pleased to post this final version for review.


Chair's Corner

The ESF Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC) welcomes engagement from the ESF community as we work together to update Vision 2020.

Endorsement Discussion Session

May 4, 11am, Gateway A & B

Relevant Information and Documents

Links to documents and information that have informed the strategic plan update process can be found here.

Previous Reports and Plans

Timeline (updated 4/11/2016)

February 23 SPSC meeting
February 26 SPSC meeting
March 2 SPSC meeting
March 2 Academic Governance Presentation
March 7 Initial Draft given to President Wheeler
March 11 1st DRAFT available to College community (via web site, email)
March 23 Discussion Session 1st Draft of Update
March 25 Discussion Session 1st Draft of Update
March 30 Academic Governance Presentation
April 4-8 SPSC Meeting
April 11 2nd Draft available to college community
April 13 Discussion Session 2nd Draft
April 15 Discussion Session 2nd Draft
April 20 Academic Governance Presentation
April 21 SPSC Meeting
April 25 Submit final Draft to President Wheeler
April 27 Final Version of Vision 2020 Update to College Community
May President Wheeler submits final Draft for approval to Board of Trustees
May 4 Special Academic Governance Endorsement Meeting
May 4-9 Vote of Academic Governance Endorsement via Electronic Ballot
May 13 SPSC Presentation to Board of Trustees
May 24 SPSC work complete – committee disbands

SPSC Activities 2016

The SPSC is working to update the existing ESF Vision 2020 plan to create a bridging document to advance ESF over the next five years. While Vision 2020 is not as relevant today as it was in 2003 as many of the objectives have been met or are no longer appropriate and challenges and opportunities have changed, the broader goals of the plan are still valid and can be enhanced by the documents and feedback generated by our faculty, staff and students during the previous year’s planning process. It is the goal of SPSC to work with the campus community during the spring 2016 semester to finalize a plan to submit to President Wheeler who will forward it to the ESF Board of Trustees for action at their May 2016 meeting.

This new strategic planning bridge document will have a similar structure and design to Vision 2020 but will improve upon the prior document by updating and adding to the existing goals and objectives, highlighting recent accomplishments and current strengths, crosslinking with other planning documents such as SUNY performance plans, and identifying new initiatives

Our Vision 2020 Update is …

  • An update to Vision 2020 – a “bridging” document meant to carry the institution to the next full effort in strategic planning set to begin in 2017-2018. This Vision 2020 Update “bridge” features new aspects of community-based planning work from over the past few years and new SUNY efforts in planning, and connects them to the original 2003 version of Vision 2020.  
  • A visioning document with some classic elements of a strategic plan, including College-level statements on:  vision and mission; goals, sub-goals and objectives; and monitoring/evaluation.
  • An engaging portrayal of “who we are” supported by accounts of recent, institutionally representative accomplishments by the College community to meet Vision 2020 goals.
  • An evolving statement of “who we want to be”, centered on an expanded treatise on academic direction for the whole College, and an emphasis on what it is that we aim to “achieve” – statements on “what to do” are purposefully,  classically, and generally left to units and departments as they continue to work towards our collective vision.
  • An impetus and platform for continued discussion about ESF’s future, with intent that the Vision 2020 Update is not about resolving all that ESF is and can be, but more of a framing of conversations and considerations that we need to engage in over the next few years.

SPSC Members

Scott Bergey, nsbergey@syr.edu
Kelley Donaghy, kdonaghy@esf.edu
Maureen Fellows, mfellows@esf.edu
Margaret Foley, mrfole01@syr.edu
Bob French, rcfrench@esf.edu
Brenda Greenfield, bgreenfield@esf.edu
Richard Hawks, rshawks@esf.edu
Mark Lichtenstein, malichte@esf.edu
Anne Lombard, aelombard@esf.edu
Valerie Luzadis, vluzadis@esf.edu
Chris Nowak (Chair), canowak@esf.edu
Neil Ringler, nhringle@esf.edu
Joe Rufo, jlrufo@esf.edu
Sue Sanford, shsanfor@esf.edu
Scott Shannon, sshannon@esf.edu
Chuck Spuches, cspuches@esf.edu
Art Stipanovic, astipano@esf.edu
John View, jeview@esf.edu