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Strategic Plan

In 2022, ESF initiated a comprehensive strategic planning initiative to evaluate and update the College’s mission and goals. This document serves as ESF’s roadmap for all operations over the next five years.

The strategic plan also sets College goals, devise strategies to attain those goals, and identify metrics to measure success. Discussions include where the institution is now (Internal Review), where it wants to be in five years and beyond (Goals), how the plan will be implemented (Strategies), the means used to measure how well the plan has succeeded (Metrics), and what the institution will do if obstacles are encountered (Contingency Planning). 

ESF Strategic Plan

View/Download a One-Page Overview of the Strategic Plan

This graphic represents the key sections of the Strategic Plan: Overarching Principals, Pillars, Themes, and Goals. Each Pillar has two themes, and each theme has multiple goals. Tasks and actionable items associated with each goal will be shared at implementation, in Fall 2023.

View the Strategic Plan

This is a final version of the strategic plan.

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