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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Amazonian and African Plants Gone Wild with Potent Medicinal Drugs"

Lecturer: Dr. Eloy Rodriguez, James A. Perkins Endowed Professor, Cornell University

Abstract: During the Cretaceous and millions of years of Natural Selection, flowering plants and arthropods have evolved potent anti-predator drugs, that in turn, are also effective against animal and human parasites. Early primates are believed to have acquired a bitter taste for plants that were effective against virulent bacteria and parasitic worms. This form of self-medication (Zoopharmacognosy) was also evident in the early hominids, who with the invention of boiling water, were able to concentrate the bioactive poisons of plants that were used as medicines. In this lecture, we will explore the medicinal activity of novel phytometabolites from the Amazon forest of Peru and tropical forest of Uganda and explore medical case studies of human patients cured with natural products.

Date and Time: Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Location: 146 Baker Hall
Contact: Josť-L. Giner
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