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Friday, June 13, 2014
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Location: 141 Baker Laboratory

Event Description: Dr. Zlatan Denchev will present a seminar: Polyamide 6 microcapsules with sizes in the micron range are of demand in various procedures, e.g., flame spraying and electrostatic coating, for dispersions and lacquer binders production and in water purification. Compression molding and rotational molding techniques also use powdered thermoplastic polymers with well-defined morphology. In bioengineering, polyamide microspheres are an attractive carrier for protein or enzyme immobilization. Some new techniques as selective laser sintering also require pulverulent polymer materials with strictly defined properties. This makes polyamide microcapsules a rather interesting materials platform with numerous already existing and prospective applications.
This presentation reports on the one-pot synthesis of polyamide 6 microcapsules by suspension polymerization of caprolactam in non-polar hydrocarbon solvents carried out in the presence of the respective payload: layered nanoclays; carbon allotropes (graphite, CNT, CNF, carbon black, fullerenes and their derivatives); metal powders (Cu, Fe, Al, Zn, Mg); magnetic nano- and microparticles (Fe, Fe3O4). The morphology of the resulting microcapsules, their crystalline structure and thermal properties were studied by light- and scanning electron microscopies and thermal analyses. Various composite materials were prepared by compression molding of microcapsules. Mechanical tests of these thermoplastic materials showed significant improvement in stiffness and strength as compared to the respective neat PA6 molded samples. Conductivity and magnetic susceptibility tests of PA6 composites with metal or carbon reinforcement were performed. All results are discussed in relation to the morphology of the starting microcapsules and the conditions of composite preparation. Possible applications of the loaded microcapsules and the respective molded composites on their basis are suggested.

M'Lis M. Traver

Sponsor: The Chemistry Department

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