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Planet Forward Salon -- Weather Volatility: A Forecast for Food Security Amid Changing Weather Patterns

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Location: Nifkin (Alumni) Lounge

Event Description: Join members of the new Planet Forward group in Nifkin Lounge to watch a "salon" on the topic of Weather Volatility: A Forecast for Food Security Amid Changing Weather Patterns . The salon is part of Planet Forward's yearlong focus on "Feeding the Planet".

Planet Forward engages young people and innovators in search of solutions to the biggest challenges facing our planet. Produced by the Center for Innovative Media at the George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs, Planet Forward uses web, video, social media, television and events to empower new voices, elevate compelling ideas and lead a global conversation on the planet’s future. ESF is a member of the Planet Forward Consortium, which includes colleges, universities and partners (like National Geographic).

About the 9/30 salon: Global food security is threatened by changing climates and increasingly unpredictable weather patterns. This salon will gather a distinguished group of climatologists, meteorologists, policy makers, thought­leaders, journalists, food producers and students to consider the following questions:

● What’s going on with our weather, and what does it mean for our farmers and our food?
● How will weather volatility impact staple crops like wheat, rice, soy and maize that account over
half the calories consumed world wide?
● What innovations help scientists and farmers to forecast and deal with the effects of these
● How can we maintain quality and productivity amid more volatile weather?
● How can we do a better job communicating and teaching about our changing weather?

Paul Otteson

Sponsor: ESF Planet Forward

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