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RMS 200 Renewable Materials and Composites from Lignocellulosics (3)
Two hours of lecture and three hours of laboratory per week; this is an introductory modular course in renewable materials; structure and composition of lignocellulosics/wood; production, properties and use of wood products and wood composites; pulp, paper, packaging, and lignin products; polymers: natural and synthetic. Fall
Prerequisites: Two semesters of General Chemistry Lecture and Lab, Calculus I and II, Two semesters of General Physics and Lab Co-requisite: Organic Chemistry I Lecture and Lab

RMS 465 Renewable Materials and Surfaces (3)
Three hours of lecture and discussion per week; Bulk and Surface Properties of renewable materials: Multiphase (Porous) Materials. Structure & Morphology; Mechanical and Optical; Transport – Thermal and Moisture Equilibrium and Dynamics; Surfaces & Tribological Properties; Applications to Wood products and wood composites, Pulp/paper/packaging products; Polymers: Natural and Synthetic. Fall.
Pre-requisites: RMS200 or by instructor’s permission


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