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Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry of Natural Products Option Bachelor of Science In Chemistry

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This option stresses a chemical approach to problems in the life and health sciences. Students take advanced courses in natural products chemistry, chemical analysis, and biochemistry. Professional electives in botany, chemical ecology, genetics and molecular biology strengthen connections in the life and health sciences.

Research areas include the elucidation of chemical signals by which organisms communicate with each other, the role of trace metals in the growth of microorganisms, the origin and function of biologically active natural compounds, and synthetic biology and metabolic engineering for the production of value-added products and antimicrobial compounds.

ESF's chemistry courses and programs of study are aimed at preparing the scientists of the future. This biochemistry and natural products option provides particularly good training for students aiming for professional degrees in biomedical fields or careers in biotechnology, forensics, and biomedical sciences.

The senior year culminates in a senior research project undertaken under the supervision of one of the chemistry faculty. Their research interests range from laboratory to field-intensive studies.

All students are encouraged to start research before their senior year through FCH 495.

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