for FCH 511 - Environment Chemistry II

Answers posted on Blackboard

HW #01: Atmospheric Structure and Composition -

HW #02: Photochemistry and photolysis rates -

HW #03: Exercises for Kinetics - Do the Exercises and make sure you understand the answers before class on Thursday, September 21! On that day, I will distribute Problems based on these Exercises and you will work on them in groups.

HW #04 Catalytic Cycles and Storage; Heterogeneous Chemistry -

HW #05: Tropospheric Ozone Cycling -

HW #06: Tropospheric Kinetics and Mechanism - You will need this Excel file

HW #07: Air Pollution Modeling -
You will also need the files simulations.xls and Example-1-Reactions-Condensed.pdf.

HW #08: Aqueous Aerosols
You will also need the file numerical modeling of HSO3- + HOOH.xls

HW #9: Global Climate Change

---------------------- The assignments below have not been updated for the current semester! ----------------------------------------

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