for FCH 511 - Environment Chemistry II

Answers posted on Blackboard

HW #01: Atmospheric Structure and Composition -

---------------------- The assignments below have not been updated for the current semester! ----------------------------------------

HW #02: Photochemistry and photolysis rates -

HW #03: Exercises for Kinetics - Problems based on these Exercises will be distributed in class, where you will work on them in groups. If you don't answer the Exercises and make sure you understand the answers before class on Thursday, September 24, you will be lost on the Problems and the Exam!

HW #04 Catalytic Cycles and Storage; Heterogeneous Chemistry -

HW #05: Tropospheric Ozone Cycling -

HW #06: Kinetics and Mechanism - You will also need the file ch2cl.xls

HW #07: Air Pollution Modeling -
You will also need the files simulations.xls and Example-1-Reactions.pdf.

HW #08: Atmospheric Aerosols - You will need the file HW08.xls for the Exercises and Problems.

HW #09: Global Climate Change

HW #09: Global Climate Change - Exercises due Tuesday, December 6, Problems due Thursday December 8.


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