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Ranger School Students Awarded Scholarships


SYRACUSE, N.Y. - Thirteen students at the New York State Ranger School were selected to receive scholarship awards for the academic year.

Students were selected to receive the awards based on academic achievements and school and community service.

The students, their hometowns, and the awards they received are as follows:

  • Bradley Baer, Akron, N.Y.,Wesson Scholarship, $200
  • Robert Slesak Rochester, N.Y., Wesson Scholarship, $200
  • Mark Summers, Watertown,N.Y., Ranger School Endowment, $350
  • Larry Wise, Cuba, N.Y., Ranger School Endowment, $350
  • David Pujdak, Brooklyn, N.Y., Ranger School Endowment, $350
  • Daniel Izzo, Mechanicville, N.Y., Ranger School Endowment, $350
  • Frank Morabito, Harrison, N.Y., Ranger School Endowment, $350
  • Scott Jackson, Clayville, N.Y., Ranger School Alumni Assoc., $500
  • Elliott Stone, DeRuyter, N.Y., Philip J. Haddock, $200
  • Brett Powenski, Springville, N.Y., Piet Van Witsen, $600
  • Andrew Hall, Syracuse, N.Y., Ranger School Alumni Assoc., $500; Mathew H. Moore Scholarship, $100
  • Jeffrey Branson, Baldwin, N.Y., Theodore C. Tryon '42, $200
  • Thomas Foster Jr., Ilion, N.Y., Daniel Castagnozzi Memorial, $900