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e s f letters

Endreny Receives Chancellor's Award for Internationalization

For "Ecological Engineering in the Tropics" program

Dr. Theodore A. Endreny, an assistant professor of engineering hydrology and watershed management, was awarded the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Internationalization.

Endreny received the award for the program "Ecological Engineering in the
Tropics" to occur in La Ceiba, Honduras. SUNY Chancellor Robert L. King announced the first-ever Chancellor's Award for Internationalization as a way to enable more students and faculty to have an international learning experience. The $8,000 award will fund short-term study abroad projects for students led by SUNY faculty to less-traveled countries around the world.

Ecological Engineering in the Tropics is a three-week course scheduled for May 2004. It will focus on Honduras' Caribbean coast. Participants will have the opportunity for in-depth field exposure, lectures and time to explore the urban and natural environments of Honduras.