Want to learn about invasive beetles?

ESF student Jake Wickham, just back from China, took a break from his State Fair duties to talk about his research.

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ESF at the State Fair on Thursday, August 26, 2008, featured the Department of Environmental and Forest Biology with information, exhibits, hands-on materials and answers to fair-goers' questions about biotechnology, aquatic and fisheries science, entomology, and invasive plant species.

WSTM TV pulled graduate student Jake Wickham from the ESF booth for an interview on the six-o'clock news about the Asian long-horned beetle (ALB). It was a timely request, as Wickham was just two days back from China ,where he spent ten weeks researching the ALB in its native habitat.

Wickham's NSF EAPSI fellowship ended just a couple days before the start of the Beijing Olympics. His cap is a souvenir from the extra days Wickham stayed in China to catch the games.


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