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Bald Eagles Winter on Onondaga Lake

Bird watchers view from a shopping mall parking lot.

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Catching a glimpse of the American bald eagle soaring through the clouds from a local mall parking lot makes for a unique experience. More than a dozen bald eagles have settled on Onondaga Lake, in plain view from the purple rocking horse area of the Carousel Center parking lot. It's an incredible sight, considering the bald eagle was once listed as an endangered species. The winter season is the ideal time to spot the bald eagles along the lake. SUNY-ESF wildlife science professor Dr. Guy Baldassare says they're drawn to the open water and ample food supply, "The lake's full of carp - there must be some dead fish that they can get at," . Plus, the bald eagles are also drawn to the lake because it is much cleaner now, due to remedial efforts. The bald eagles are early nesters, so they should be moving out by March.