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e s f letters

ESF Highlighted in Green Travel List

College aids Syracuse’s designation as good for green travelers

The SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) was recently featured on nerdtravel.com in an article highlighting America's Best Destinations for Green Travelers.

According to the website, 44 percent of travelers look for environmentally friendly programs when choosing destinations. Cities that have a plethora of nature and eco-friendly initiatives and activities were selected for the list.

ESF's reputation for sustainability and the student-run Green Campus Initiative to reduce waste, provide sustainability training and implement green practices on campus helped put Syracuse on the green traveler's map. The site also mentioned the Syracuse Center of Excellence, in which ESF is a partner, for its efforts to foster environmental and energy technologies to build sustainable urban environments. ESF's neighbor and longtime partner, Syracuse University, also gets a nod for its Sustainability Division and the farmers market it hosts to promote local produce.