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e s f letters

Dr. Murphy to Lead Commission

Consensus to look at improving local government

Former SUNY-ESF President Neil Murphy will lead a commission tasked with looking at every level of service in Onondaga County to position the area for success in the future.

Consensus, the commission launched by CenterState CEO, will look at ways to modernize government and make it more responsive, more cost effective and better at service delivery, according to CenterState.

Robert M. Simpson, CenterState president and CEO, said the region has nine times more local government entities than the national average: 4.2 units per 10,000 people compared to a national average of .47. Onondaga County, alone, is nearly double the national average.

Consensus will be led by Murphy, along with Catherine Richardson, who retired as an attorney with Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC; and former Congressman James Walsh.