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e s f letters

Pataki and Morris Examine the Future of Energy

Conversation touches on environment and economics

Former N.Y. Gov. George E. Pataki and American Electric Power Chairman Michael Morris visited SUNY-ESF Monday and participated in a wide-ranging discussion about the future of energy.

Interacting with an audience of about 100 ESF students, faculty and staff members, Pataki and Morris answered questions about the relationship between economics and energy, the need to reduce the United States' dependence on foreign sources of fossil fuel and developing technologies to harness wind, solar and biomass power.

Pataki said ESF's research at the intersection of environmental studies and economics proves the two fields are "synergistic, not antagonistic."

Morris, who is also president and CEO of American Electric Power, encouraged the students in the audience to pursue business ideas of their own. "Get out there and give it a run," he said. "Follow your dream."