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Oakie Acorn Falters in Mascot Madness

ESF mascot exits tourney in round 2

Oakie Acorn fell to SUNY Canton's Roody Roo in a late upset in Round 2 of Mascot Madness.

Oakie, the mascot for ESF's Mighty Oaks sports teams, was a No. 8 seed going into the competition. In Round 1, Oakie defeated both SUNY Oswego and Orange County Community College. In Round 2, Oakie took an early lead but, in the end, received 45.08 percent of the vote against Roody.

The annual online competition includes five rounds of voting and runs through March 30. The winning college will take home the traveling Mascot Madness trophy from SUNY.

Mascots were randomly placed into four SUNY regions and ranked by the number of athletic teams each represents, which determined which mascots compete against each other in each round.

Thirty-nine SUNY campuses representing more than 650 athletic teams and more than 360,000 students are competing for the title of New York's favorite SUNY mascot.

You can follow Oakie on Twitter at @ESFOakie or on Facebook at Oakie Acorn for updates on campus events. Voting for the remaining mascots continues through March 30 at blog.suny.edu