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Bee Population Continues to Dwindle

Honeybee populations remain on the decline.

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The U.S. is continuing to lose honey bee hives at an alarming rate, at a time when the bees should be pollinating hundreds of crops.

That's on the heels of a survey this week showing bee deaths increased over last year. 36 percent of the nation's commercially managed hives have been lost since last year.

Beekeepers don't believe a turnaround will be coming anytime soon. Veteran beekeeper Ron Yingling says he's lost about 20 percent of his hives when compared to last year.

Scientists have still not been able to pin down the reason. Theories vary from disease to mites to fungus to pesticides, and it may be years before scientists find an answer.

Beekeepers will do whatever they can for now until scientists figure out what's going on. Researchers at Penn State are looking closely at the problem of disappearing honey bees.