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1942: $400 for Room and Board

Off-campus housing required approval

From the 1942-1943 Bulletin of the New York State College of Forestry

Announcement of Courses


"Every undergraduate student on entering the College is required to pay a matriculation fee of $10.00"


"Board and room in Sims Hall is $400 a year, including heat and light …

"Students not in the dormitory or chapter houses must live in houses approved by the University. A list will be sent on request from the Appointment Office. On arrival the student should be sure that he is in an approved house by demanding to see the 'Certificate of Approval.' This will avoid the necessity of moving at a later date."


"Many students attend the College who earn a part of their expenses. The large amount of time spent in the laboratory and in field work by forestry students leaves relatively little time for outside employment. Only the most brilliant students can expect to earn a substantial part of their expenses and maintain satisfactory grades."