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Senator Schumer Supports Alternative Energy at ESF

Visits SUNY-ESF campus to tour the college's energy-research facilities

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U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer visited the SUNY-ESF campus July 1 to tour the college's energy-research facilities and to support tax incentives that would encourage development in the area of alternative energy.

Senator Schumer and ESF President Neil MurphySchumer said tax credits now pending before the Senate would boost innovative businesses that could create jobs for people in Central New York while developing alternatives to increasingly expensive fossil fuels.

"SUNY-ESF is one of the very bright spots in what seems like a pretty bleak energy future these days," Schumer said. "The tune is too familiar at this point - gas prices are through the roof and consumers are getting slammed. And this means one, very important thing: It's time to get serious about a long-term solution to our energy dependency."

Schumer spoke after a walking tour that included stops at the college's fuel cell, green roof and laboratories in Walters Hall. He also spoke with college faculty members and visiting business leaders about advancements in areas such as bioplastics and cellulosic ethanol.

Senator Schumer and ESF President Neil Murphy