Dovciak Lab in Plant Ecology
State University of New York, College of Environmental Science & Forestry, Syracuse, NY
Department of Environmental and Forest Biology — SUNY ESF — 1 Forestry Drive — Syracuse — NY 13210
Drivers of forest change in the northeastern United States
  • Evaluating Deer Impacts on Forests of New York State (more...)
  • Appalachian Trail MEGA-transect Deposition Effects Study (more...)
  • Global Change Fingerprints in Montane Boreal Forests: Implications for Biodiversity and Management of the Northeastern Protected Areas (more...)
  • Structure & function of northern hardwood forests: effects of beech bark disease (more...), forest management (more...), and calcium (more...)
Collaborating lab:
Many collaborators from SUNY-ESF, Cornell University, USGS, NPS, UC Berkeley
Research sites:
Appalachian Trail
Whiteface Mountain, Adirondacks
Huntington Wildlife Forest, Adirondacks

Understory plant community dynamics in Pacific Northwest forests
  • Diversity and stability of plant communities at Andrews Experimental Forest (more...)
  • Forest understory responses to variable retention harvest: the DEMO study (more...)
  • Ecological restoration in the Cedar River Watershed of the city of Seattle (more...)
Collaborating lab:
Charlie Halpern, School of Forest Resources, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Causes & consequences of tree population dynamics in the Carpathians

  • Ecology and genetics of Norway spruce invasion into mountain meadows (more...)
  • Effects of introduced conifers on litter-dwelling beetle communities (more...)
  • Population dynamics of the common yew and its management implications (more...)
Collaborating lab:
Dušan Gömöry, Ladislav Paule, and others
Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia
Research sites:
European Western Carpathian Mountains

Stability of simulated tree communities: effects of climate & composition

  • Theoretical exploration of stability in model plant communities
Collaborating lab:
Harald Bugmann, Forest Ecology Lab,
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,
Zurich, Switzerland
Virtual research sites:
Forest communities simulated using existing sites in the Swiss Alps

White pine regeneration and recruitment in the western Great Lakes region

  • Successional pathways of an oak savanna old-field toward white pine forest (more...)
  • White pine regeneration and recruitment in near-boreal mixed forests (more...)
Collaborating lab:
Peter Reich, Lee Frelich, Forest Ecology Lab,
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Minnesota
Research sites:
Superior National Forest
Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve

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