Dovciak Lab in Plant Ecology
State University of New York, College of Environmental Science & Forestry, Syracuse, NY
Department of Environmental and Forest Biology — SUNY ESF — 1 Forestry Drive — Syracuse — NY 13210
Courses offered regularly

Plant Ecology & Global Change, EFB 445 / 645, Spring

Impacts of global changes in climate, biodiversity, land-use, and biogeochemical cycles on structure and function of terrestrial plant communities and ecosystems. Examined scales range from ecophysiological processes occurring in individual leaves to global patterns of primary productivity and biodiversity.Three hours of lecture and discussion per week (3 credits). Prerequisite: EFB 320 (or similar). EFB 445 is an undergraduate version and EFB 645 is a graduate version.

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Flowering Plants: Diversity, Evolution, & Systematics, EFB 435 / 635, Fall

Diversity, evolution, and systematics of flowering plants with special emphasis on ecological and evolutionary significance (and beauty!) of plant forms and flower structures. Flowering plant identification skills are built by examining a broad diversity of species from major globally-distributed families with a focus on the Northeastern US. Two hours of lecture and a three-hour field trip or laboratory per week (3 credits). EFB 435 is an undergraduate version and EFB 635 is a graduate version.

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Tropical Ecology, EFB 523, Spring (Co-taught)

Weekly lectures and discussion coupled with an intensive field study over spring break on the tropical island of Dominicathe 'Nature Island of the Caribbean'. Principles of tropical ecology, resource management and island biogeography are discussed and complemented with field trips to diverse tropical ecosystems, including rain forests, tropical dry and cloud forests, coral reefs, crater lakes, and freshwater and brackish wetlands and streams. Requires the ability to swim and additional fees for travel and lodging in Dominica. Prerequisite: EFB 320 (or similar). [3 credits; counts toward EFB field experience]

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Selected other courses and course modules
  • Field Plant Ecology and Botany (field module of EFB 202 Ecological Monitoring and Biodiversity Assessment taught at the Cranberry Lake Biological Station)
  • Global Change Ecology (seminar)
  • Deer Impacts on Forests (seminar, co-taught)
  • Adaptive Peaks Seminar (departmental seminar, co-taught)
  • Natural Resource Management (2 credit course, Joint MS Program of the University of San Francisco and Pázmány Péter University in Budapest, Hungary)
  • Landscape Ecology (1 credit course, Academia Istropolitana Nova, Slovakia)
  • Foundations of Ecology (seminar, Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia)

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