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David H. Newman

Professor and Chair

319 Bray Hall
1 Forestry Dr.
Syracuse, New York 13210

Phone: (315) 470-6534



  • David Newman is the Chair of the Department of Forest and Natural Resources Management and a Professor of Resource Economics and Policy at SUNY-ESF in Syracuse, NY.   He was previously Professor and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at the Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources at the University of Georgia. His primary research areas have been the economics of public policy related to timber supply and land use change.  He has authored or co-authored more than 50 refereed journal articles, two books, and two edited volumes in the general areas of returns to research in forestry, the economics of timber supply, the role of government policy in landowner decision-making, and forest taxation.  He has consulted on various forestry projects with organizations such as the World Bank, the USDA Forest Service, the World Wildlife Fund, the Agency for International Development, the US EPA, and others.  Since 2010, he has written the Forestry Foundations column for the New York Forester.  He has given lectures or served as a visiting scholar at several international institutions including the Chinese Academy of Forestry, the Swedish Agricultural University, the Finnish Forest Research Institute, Oslo University, the Colombian National Planning Department, and the University of Tasmania. 
  • Vita (PDF)


  • Ph.D., Duke University (Natural Resource Economics), 1986
  • M.S., Duke University (Forest Resource Economics), 1985
  • B.S. University of California, Berkeley (Forest Management), 1977

Other Activities

Theme 4 Leader for the Northeastern States Research Cooperative

Board member for the New York Forest Owners Association

Current Graduate Advisees

Current Graduate Advisees

Cody BarrettCody Barrett

  • Degree Sought: MS
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Newman
  • Area of Study: Economics, Policy, and Human Dimensions

Taye BirhanTaye Birhan

  • Degree Sought: PHD
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Newman and Smardon
  • Area of Study: Environmental and Natural Resources Policy

Erich DvorakErich Dvorak

  • Degree Sought: MS
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Newman
  • Area of Study: Economics, Policy, and Human Dimensions

Kyra PinskyKyra Pinsky

  • Degree Sought: PHD
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Newman
  • Area of Study: Economics, Policy, and Human Dimensions

John RohanJohn Rohan

  • Degree Sought: MF in Forest Management & Operations
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Newman

Aaron VlasakAaron Vlasak

  • Degree Sought: MS in Forest Management & Operations
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Newman
  • Undergraduate Institute: University of Calif Santa Cruz (All Philosophy Field)
  • Previous Graduate Study: New School for Social Research (All Philosophy Field)

Graduate Research Topic
Issues surrounding natural resource management and policy in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina

Personal Profile
After receiving a doctorate in 2007, Aaron Vlasak taught in the departments of philosophy and religious studies at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. There he taught courses on topics ranging from ancient Greek philosophy, to multiculturalism and environmental ethics. In 2010 Vlasak was appointed Humanities Faculty Fellow at Syracuse University. There he refined his interest in ethics and politics through historical sources, teaching cosmopolitanism and environmental ethics. Recently joining the E.S.F. community, Vlasak is cultivating an enduring passion for the outdoors and environmental issues by pursuing a Master of Science degree in forestry. He says that his academic background allows him to integrate forestry practice with historically informed, rigorous thinking about values, policy and professional codes.

Areas of Interest
Forestry, natural resources policy, and environmental ethics

Jin YinJin Yin

  • Degree Sought: PHD
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Sonnenfeld and Newman
  • Area of Study: Environmental and Natural Resources Policy
  • Undergraduate Institute: Minzu University of China (Ecology)
  • Previous Graduate Study: Yale University (Forest Science)

Graduate Research Topic
Community-based Forest Management in China's Minority Areas

Areas of Interest
Biodiversity conservation; Indigenous knowledge; Land use change; Forest policy; Remote sensing and GIS; Ecosystem services

Areas of Study

  • Forest Resource Economics
  • Land Use Policy
  • Sustainable Resource Management

Courses Taught

  • FOR 132 - FNRM Orientation (Fall)
  • FOR 665 - Natural Resource Policy (Fall)
  • FOR 670 - Resource and Environmental Economics (Fall)
  • BUA/ECS/FOR 650 - Managing Sustainability: Purpose, Principles, and Practice (Spring)

Recent Publications

Ebers, A. and D.H. Newman. (forthcoming).  Economics of conservation easements.  Ch. 25 In: Kant, S. and J. Alavalapati (eds.) Handbook of forest economics. Oxford UK: Earthscan Pub.

Wagner, J.E. and D.H. Newman.  2013.  The Simon-Ehrlich bet: Teaching relative vs. absolute scarcity.  The American Economist (58(1):16-26

Newman, D.H. and J.E. Wagner.  2012.  Putting Samuelson's Economics of Forestry into context: The limits of forest economics in policy debates.  Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research 4(3):215-218.

Siry, J., F. Cubbage, D. Newman, and R. Izlar.  2010.  Forest ownership and management outcomes in the U.S., in global context.  International Forestry Review 12(1):38-48.

Malmsheimer, R.W. and D.H. Newman.  2010.  Limit Forest Service’s role expansion to informing policy.  Journal of Forestry 108(2):97-98. (Note: This was an invited response to: Kimbell, A.R., C. Hickman, and H. Brown. How do taxes affect America’s private forestland owners?)

Cho, S.H., S.T. Yen, J.M. Bowker, and D.H. Newman.  2008.  Modeling willingness to pay for land conservation easements: Treatment of zero and protest bids and application and policy implications.  Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 40(1):267-285.

Newman, D.H.  2008.  The market for America’s forests.  Journal of Forestry 106(1):53. (Note: This was an invited response to: Collins, S., D. Darr, D. Wear, and H. Brown.  Global markets and the health of America’s forests: A Forest Service perspective.)

Peter, G.F., D.E. White, R. de la Torre, R. Singh, and D.H. Newman.  2007.  The value of forest biotechnology: a cost modeling study with loblolly pine and kraft linerboard in the southeastern USA.  International Journal of Biotechnology 9(5):415-435.

Cubbage, F.W. and D.H. Newman. 2006. Forest policy reformed: A United States perspective. Forest Policy and Economics 9:261-273.

Cho, S.H. and D.H. Newman. 2005. Spatial analysis of rural land development. Forest Policy and Economics 7:732-744.

Cho, S.H., D.H. Newman, and J.M. Bowker. 2005. Measuring rural homeowners' willingness to pay for land conservation easements. Forest Policy and Economics 7:757-770.

Cho, S.H., D.H. Newman, and D.N. Wear. 2005. Community choices and housing demands: A spatial analysis of the Southern Appalachian highlands. Housing Studies 20(4):549-569.

Rechan, C.L., D.H. Newman, W. Flick, and H. Neuhaueser. 2005. Land trust activity and highest and best uses under conservation easements in Georgia. Natural Areas Journal 25(1):91-100.

Wear, D.N. and D.H. Newman. 2004. The speculative shadow over timberland values in the US South. Journal of Forestry 102(8):25-31.

Cho, S.H., D.H. Newman, and D.N. Wear. 2003. Impacts of second home development on housing prices in the Southern Appalachian Highlands. Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies 15(3):208-225.

Bowker, J.M., D.H. Newman, R.J. Warren, and D. Henderson. 2002. Estimating the economic value of lethal vs. non-lethal deer control in suburban communities. Society and Natural Resources 16(2):143-158.

Yin, R., D.H. Newman, and J. Siry. 2002. Testing for market integration among southern pine regions. Journal of Forest Economics 8(2):151-166.

Newman, D.H. 2002. Forestry’s golden rule and the development of the optimal forest rotation literature. Journal of Forest Economics 8(1):5-28.

Siry, J. and D.H. Newman. 2001. A stochastic production frontier analysis of Polish state forest management. Forest Science 47(4):526-533.

Newman, D.H., T. Brooks, and C. Dangerfield. 2000. Conservation use valuation and land protection in Georgia. Forest Policy and Economics 1(3):257-266.


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