René Germain

René Germain


316 Bray Hall
1 Forestry Dr.
Syracuse, New York 13210

Phone: (315) 470-6698



Highest Education

Ph.D., SUNY-ESF (Forest Policy), 1997.

Areas of Study

Sustained yield management on non-industrial private forestlands; supply chain management in forest products industry; Impact of forestland parcelization on working forests and water quality; Impact of land use changes on the forest products industry; Diffusion of innovation to foresters, loggers and landowners; Adoption of BMPs; Sustainable Forestry Systems

Courses Taught

(Full Course Descriptions)

  • Principles of Management (FOR 360/560)
  • Integrated Resources Management (FOR 490/690)
  • Forest Operations (FOR 373)
  • Professional Forestry Mentoring (FOR 402)

Current Graduate Advisees

Current Graduate Advisees

Stacey MackStacey Mack

  • Degree Sought: PHD
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Germain and Moran
  • Area of Study: Natural Resources Mgt

Graduate Research Topic
Resource challenges associated with hydraulic fracturing

Favorite Quote
"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift."- Steve Prefontaine

Patrick PenfieldPatrick Penfield

  • Degree Sought: PHD
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Germain
  • Area of Study: Management
  • Previous Graduate Study: LeMoyne College (Business )

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Personal Statement
My research interests are in supply chains within saw mills, sustainability, continuous improvement,purchasing and project management. Right now the biggest driver of my research activities is the pursuit of my doctoral degree. I also want to be able to publish articles that will benefit society and help change the world in a positive manner. This past year I published my first peer reviewed article with Dr. Germain. Iím in the process working on my dissertation while finishing my course work and working full time.

Graduate Research Topic
Sawmill Supply Chains

Favorite Quote
You can please some of the people some of the time, some of the people all the time but you can't please all the people all the time. Abe Lincoln

Jamie RegulaJamie Regula

  • Degree Sought: MS
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Germain
  • Area of Study: Natural Resources Mgt

Selected Publications

(Complete Publications List)

 Penfield, P. R.H. Germain, and W. Smith. 2014. Assessing the supply chain efficiency of hardwood sawmills in New York State through case study analysis and DEA modeling.Forest Products Journal. (in print)

VanBrakle, J., R.H. Germain, J. Munsell and S. Stehman. 2013. “Do Forest Management Plans Increase BMP Implementation on Family Forests?  A Formative Evaluation in the NYC Watershed. Journal of Forestry, 111(2):108-114.

Germain, R.H. and C. Ghosh. 2013. Assessing Extension’s Ability to Promote Family Forests as a Woody Biomass Feedstock in the Northeast United States. Journal of Extension, 51 (1):1-8.

Anderson, N., R.H. Germain and M. Hall. 2012. An assessment of forest cover and impervious surface area on family forests in the New York City Watershed. Northern Journal of Applied Forestry. 29(2): 67-73.

Caron, J., R.H. Germain and N. Anderson. 2012. Parcelization and land use: A New York City Watershed case study. Northern Journal of Applied Forestry. 29(2): 74-80.

Anderson, N., R.H. Germain and E. Bevilacqua. 2011.GIS-based spatial analysis of sawmill wood procurement. Journal of Forestry 109(1): 34-42.

Germain, R.H. and P. Pennfield. 2010. The Certified Wood Supply Chain Bottleneck and its Impact on LEED Construction Projects in New York State. Forest Products Journal 60(2):114-118.

Anderson, N. and R.H. Germain. 2009. Land cover, land use and mill characteristics as predictors of wood procurement range. Forest Products Journal 59(11/12): 100-107.

Munsell, J.F., R.H, Germain, V.A. Luzadis, and E. Bevilacqua. 2009. Owner intentions, previous harvests, and future timber yield on 50 working NIPF in New York State. Northern Journal of Applied Forestry 26(2) 45-51.

Vickory, B., R.H. Germain, E. Bevilacqua. 2009. Urbanization's Impact on Sustained Yield Management as Perceived by Forestry Professionals in Central New York. Forest Policy and Economics 11: 42-49.

Munsell, J.F., R.H. Germain and E. Bevilacqua. 2008. A Tale of Two Forests: Case Study Comparisons of Sustained Yield Management on Mississippi and New York NIPF. Journal of Forestry 106(8): 431-439.

Germain, R.H., N. Anderson and E. Bevilacqua. 2007. The Effects of Forestland Parcelization and Ownership Transfers on Non-industrial Private Forestland Forest Stocking in New York. Journal of Forestry 105(8): 403-408.

Munsell, J.F. and R.H. Germain. 2007. Woody biomass energy: An opportunity for silviculture on non-industrial private forestlands in New York. Journal of Forestry 105(8): 398-402.

Anderson, N. and R.H. Germain. 2007. Variation in sawmill procurement operations in the Northeast. Forest Products Journal 57(10):36-44.

Germain, R.H. and J. Munsell. 2005. How much land is needed for the harvest access system on NIPF dominated by northern hardwoods? Northern Journal of Applied Forestry 22(4): 243-247.

Lapierre, S. and R.H. Germain 2005. Forestland parcelization in the New York City Watershed. Journal of Forestry 104(3) 139-145.

Germain, R.H., S. Harris and V. Luzadis. 2002. Assessing environmental management systems for implementing sustainable forestry on industrial forestlands. Journal of Forestry 100 (2) 12-18.

Germain, R.H., Floyd D. and S. Stehman. 2001. Participant perceptions of the Forest Service's public participation process. Journal of Forest Policy and Economics (3) 113-124.

Germain, R.H. and D.W. Floyd. 1999. Models for examining forest resource conflicts. Forest Science, 45(3) 394-406.

Continuing Education Workshops by Topic Areas


  • Silviculture and Forest Protection, 12 workshops, 567 participants
  • Timber Harvest Planning (BMPs), 11 workshops, 431 participants
  • Logging Training and Safety, 6 workshops, 205 participants
  • Watershed Management, 3 workshops, 185 participants
  • Forest Measurements & GIS, 4 workshops, 165 participants
  • Financial Analysis and Forest Policy, 4 workshops, 165 participants


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