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Hyatt Green

Hyatt GreenAssistant Professor

201 Illick Hall
1 Forestry Dr.
Syracuse, New York 13210

Phone: (315) 470-4814/470-6743


Research Interests

  • Molecular microbial ecology
  • Water quality and microbial source-tracking
  • Host microbiomes
  • Microbial dark matter
  • eDNA and molecular ecology
  • Micobial transformation of mercury


Ph.D Microbiology, Oregon State University (2011)

B.S. Science Education-Biology, University of Georgia (2005)


Courses Taught

  • EFB 303: Environmental Microbiology (+Lab)
  • EFB 505: Microbial Ecology
  • EFB 796: R and Reproducible Research


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  • Green, Hyatt C et al. (2012). Genetic Markers for Rapid PCR-based Identification of Gull, Canada Goose, Duck, and Chicken Fecal Contamination in Water. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78.2, pp. 503– 510. 


  • Green, Hyatt C et al. (2011). Differential Decay of Human Faecal Bacteroides in Marine and Freshwater. Environmental Microbiology 13.12, pp. 3235–3249. 


  • Book Chapters

    Shanks, Orin C, Hyatt C Green, Asja Korajkic, and Katharine G Field (2015). Manual of Environ- mental Microbiology. Ed. by Marylynn V Yates, Cindy H Nakatsu, Robert V Miller, and Suresh D Pillai. 4th Edition. ASM Press. Chap. 3.4.3.

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