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Diane Kuehn

Diane M. Kuehn

Associate Professor

310A Bray Hall
1 Forestry Dr.
Syracuse, New York 13210

Phone: (315) 470-6561

Email: dmkuehn@esf.edu

Highest Education

Ph.D., SUNY CESF, Syracuse, NY (Recreation and Tourism), 2002

Areas of Study

  • Recreation Resources Management
  • Ecotourism
  • Nature Tourism
  • Environmental Education
  • Wildlife-related Recreation

Courses Taught

FOR 372 - Fundamentals of Outdoor Recreation
FOR 475 - Human Behavior and Recreation Visitor Management
FOR 476/676 - Ecotourism and Nature Tourism
FOR 496-10 & 797-2 - Environmental Career Strategies for Women seminar
FOR 797 - Recreation Management Seminar

Current Graduate Advisees

Graduate Advisees

Thomas LombardiThomas Lombardi

  • Degree Sought: MPS
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Kuehn
  • Area of Study: Natural Resources Mgt
  • Undergraduate Institute: SUNY Center Buffalo (Geography)

Graduate Research Topic
Salt cedar distribution, characteristics and management at Půmac Forest Historical Sanctuary, Lambayeque (northern Peru)

Forestry engineer with Peace Corps

Joel RamtahalJoel Ramtahal

  • Degree Sought: PHD
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Kuehn
  • Area of Study: Economics, Policy, and Human Dimensions

Most Recent Publications

Kuehn, D. M., Luzadis, V., & Brincka, M. (2013). An analysis of the factors influencing fishing participation by resident anglers. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 18(5): 322-339.

Chase, L., Kuehn, D., and Amsden, B. (2013). Measuring quality of life: A case study of agritourism in the Northeast. Journal of Extension, 51(1): 1FEA3. Accessible online at http://www.joe.org/joe/2013february/a3.php

Kuehn, D., P. D’Luhosch, V. Luzadis, R. Malmsheimer, and R. Schuster. (2011). Attitudes and Intentions of Off-Highway Vehicle Riders toward Trail Use: Implications for Forest Managers. Journal of Forestry 109(5): 281-287.

Schuster, R. M., L. E. Sullivan, D. M. Kuehn, & D. B. Morais. (2011). Relationships among resident participation in nature and heritage tourism activities, place attachment, and sustainability in three Hudson River communities. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 29(3).

Chase, L., and D. Kuehn. (2010). Measuring Outcomes of Extension Conferences: A Case Study of the National Extension Tourism Conference. Journal of Extension 48(3): 3FEA6.

Kuehn, D., M. J. Sali, and R. Schuster. (2010). Motivations of male and female shoreline birdwatchers in New York. Tourism in Marine Environments, 6(1): 25-37.

Kuehn, D., R. Schuster, M. Mink, and E. Nordman. (2009). Beliefs and attitudes toward boating of four stakeholder groups in the Saranac Lakes area. Adirondack Journal of Environmental Studies, 15 (2): 25-35.

Sali, M. J., and D. Kuehn. (2008). Exploring Motivations Among Male and Female Non-Residential Birdwatchers in New York State. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 13 (3): 201-202.

Sali, M. J., D. Kuehn, and L. Zhang. (2008). Motivations for Male and Female Birdwatchers in New York State. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 13 (3): 187-200.

Kuehn, D., and M. Thompson. (2007). Evaluating extension efforts along Lake Ontario’s eastern shore. Journal of Extension [on-line] 45 (3). Available at: http://www.joe.org/joe/2007june/rb5p.shtml.

Kuehn, D.M., C.P. Dawson, and R. Hoffman. (2006). Exploring fishing socialization among male and female anglers in New York’s eastern Lake Ontario area. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 11 (2): 115-127.

Kuehn, D. M., F. R. Lichtkoppler, and C. Pistis. (2005). The Great Lakes charter fishing industry: 1973 to 2002. Fisheries, 30 (3): 10-17.

Kuehn, D., T. Cullenen, L. Marr, and D. Ververs. (2004). B&Bs and inns: Results of the 2002 New York State Survey. NY Sea Grant: Oswego, NY. 8 pp.

Kuehn, D. (2003). Sportfishing: A study of gender and life stage along New York’s eastern Lake Ontario coast. NY Sea Grant: Oswego, NY. 8 pp.

Lichtkoppler, F. R., and D. M. Kuehn. (2003). New York’s Great Lakes charter fishing industry in 2002. Sea Grant Great Lakes Network: Columbus, OH. 8 pp.