Stephen Stehman

Stephen V. Stehman

322 Bray Hall
1 Forestry Dr.
Syracuse, New York 13210

Phone: (315) 470-6692


Highest Education

Ph.D., Cornell University (Biometry), 1990.

Areas of Study

Biometry, Environmental sampling.

Courses Taught


Most Recent Publications

Stehman, S. V. (2013) Estimating area from an accuracy assessment error matrix, Remote Sensing of Environment,132, 202-211.

Hansen, M.C., Potapov, P.V., Moore, R., Hancher, M., Turubanova, S.A., Tyukavina, A., Thau, D., Stehman, S.V., Goetz, S.J., Loveland, T.R., Kommareddy, A., Egorov, A., Chini, L., Justice, C.O., Townshend J.R.G. (2013) High-resolution global maps of 21st-century forest cover change, Science, 342 (6160), 850-853.

Sleeter, B. M., Sohl, T. L., Loveland, T. R., Auch, R. F., Acevedo, W.,  Drummond, M. A., Sayler, K. L., and Stehman, S. V. (2013) Land-cover change in the conterminous United States from 1973-2000, Global Environmental Change, 23, 733-748.

Stehman, S. V. (2012) Impact of sample size allocation when using stratified random sampling to estimate accuracy and area of land-cover change,  Remote Sensing Letters, 3, 111-120.

Stehman, S. V., Hansen, M. C., Broich, M., and Potapov, P. (2011) Adapting a global stratified random sample for regional estimation of forest cover change derived from satellite imagery, Remote Sensing of Environment, 115, 650-658.

Hansen, M. C., Stehman, S. V., and Potapov, P. V. (2010) Quantification of global gross forest cover loss, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 107, 8650-8655.

Wickham, J. D., Stehman, S. V., Fry, J. A., Smith, J. H., and Homer, C. G. (2010) Thematic accuracy of the NLCD 2001 land cover for the conterminous United States, Remote Sensing of Environment,114, 1286-1296.

Stehman, S. V., and Selkowitz, D. J. (2010) A spatially stratified, multi-stage cluster sampling design for assessing accuracy of the Alaska (USA) National Land-Cover Data (NLCD), International Journal of Remote Sensing, 31, 1877-1896.

Stehman, S. V. (2009) Model-assisted estimation as a unifying framework for estimating the area of land cover and land-cover change from remote sensing, Remote Sensing of Environment, 113, 2455-2462.

Stehman, S. V. (2009) Sampling designs for accuracy assessment of land cover, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 30, 5243-5272.

Johnson, D.H., Gibbs, J.P., Herzog, M., Lor, S., Niemuth, N.D., Ribic, C.A., Seamans, M., Shaffer, T.L., Shriver, W.G., Stehman, S.V., Thompson, W.L. (2009) A sampling design framework for monitoring secretive marsh birds, Waterbirds, 32, 203-215.

Stehman, S. V., Sohl, T. L., and Loveland, T. R. (2003) Statistical sampling to characterize land-cover change in the U. S. Geological Survey land-cover trends project, Remote Sensing of Environment, 86, 517-529.

Courses Descriptions

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Current Graduate Advisees

Current Graduate Advisees

John LombardiJohn Lombardi

  • Degree Sought: MS
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Stehman
  • Area of Study: ESC Environmental Monitoring
  • Undergraduate Institute: University of North Carolina Asheville (Mathematics)

Personal Statement
Statistics, Math, and the Environment are what I am interested in. When I am not doing those things then I love biking and rock climbing!

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John MousoupetrosJohn Mousoupetros

  • Degree Sought: MS
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Stehman
  • Area of Study: Environmental Monitoring


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