Mark Teece

Mark A. Teece

Associate Professor

415 Jahn Lab
1 Forestry Dr.
Syracuse, New York 13210

Phone: (315) 470-6855


My research interests are in the biogeochemistry of coral reefs and environmental chemistry. Please go to Dr. Teece's Homepage for more information.

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Current Graduate Advisees

Current Graduate Advisees

Sierra JechSierra Jech

  • Degree Sought: MS
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Teece
  • Area of Study: Environmental Chemistry

Tyler ShieldsTyler Shields

  • Degree Sought: MS
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Teece
  • Area of Study: Environmental Chemistry
  • Undergraduate Institute: Susquehanna University

Graduate Research Topic
I study microbialites in Fayetteville Green Lake. Microbialites are interesting carbonate rock structures that are coated with a thick outer most active microbial mat. Microbialites are found in freshwater and are similar to stromatolites their marine equivalent. Microbialites are found in several lakes globally, however, exactly what causes microbialites to form is unknown. I am performing a biomarker analysis, identifying fatty acids, sterols, alcohols and hopanoids and a pigment analysis in an attempt to determine what the major microbial components of Green Lake microbialites are and comparing them to other microbialites globally.


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