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The Writing Resource Center


ESF's Writing Resource Center (WRC) is a free service designed to support the development of undergraduate students' personal, academic, and professional writing skills. WRC tutors work with students in individualized 25 or 50 minute interactive sessions focused on brainstorming, organization, drafting, and/or revising among other writing related tasks. Our mission is to help writers succeed in a strong ESF writing community.

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We are located in the Moon Library basement, Room 13, between the library offices and the computer lab.


Student Guidelines


We have trained graduate and undergraduate tutors who provide support undergraduate students in all stages of the writing process and in various genres such from essays to job applications, cover letters, and résumés.


You can check our hours of operation and make an appointment by accessing:

In order to secure an appointment, please do the following:

  1. Visit us on http://esfwritingcenter.appointy.com/ and create an account
  2. Select a time and schedule an appointment.
  3. Check your email for a confirmation note from the Appointy System.

Our hours of operation are also posted outside the Writing Center. If a tutor is available, you may drop in for a session.

WRC Coordinator

Dawnelle Jager

Dawnelle Jager
Writing Center Coordinator & Environmental Studies Writing, Rhetoric & Communications Program

Areas of Expertise: Teaching writing and literature courses and Writing Center Administration,

General Interests: Family, food politics, reading and psychology

Senior Tutor

Alexis Trautman

Alexis Trautman

Major: Sustainable Energy Management

Areas of Expertise: Research papers, essays, and organization

Senior Tutor

Harris Eisenhardt

Harris Eisenhardt

Major: Sustainable Energy Management

Minors: Environmental Writing & Rhetoric and Sustainable Construction

Areas of Expertise: Narrative/personal writing, scientific papers, rhetorical analysis, general research

Graduate Assistant

Lauren Vermilion

Lauren Vermilion
2nd year Masters Student

Programs: M.S. in Environmental Studies, Policy Concentration, Masters in Public Administration (Syracuse University)

Areas of Expertise: Research Papers, Essays, Theme brainstorming, Content Editing, Sentence Flow and Structure.

Graduate Assistant

Theodora Weatherby

Theodora Weatherby
2nd year Graduate Student

Major: MS in Environmental Science

Areas of Expertise: Research papers, lab reports, essays, organization, resumes

Graduate Assistant

Theodora Weatherby

Chloe Coffman
1st year Masters Student

Major: M.S. in Environmental Science (GPES)

Areas of Expertise: Essay organization, Proofreading and grammar, Research papers


Haley O'Brien

Katherine Rossi

Major: Environmental Science

Areas of Expertise: Creative writing, essays, idea development


Aidan Halpin

Lillian Zemba

Major: Environmental Science

Areas of Expertise: Research papers, lab reports, organization, essays


Courtney Scoles

Vivian Viscosi Steinbaugh

Major: Environmental Writing & Rhetoric

Areas of Expertise: essays, scientific writing, journalism, organization & flow

What Students Say...

"Lauren really helped me go over points that I never noticed before in my writing. She helped me see how my writing style changes based on how much I enjoy the topic I am writing about. I got to see how random my ideas seem to others because I connect them in my head, so I could fix my writing before handing in my assignment. 100% will come back for my upcoming important papers."

Amanda Varhol-Excellent

"Not only is Cathy a great tutor, but she is also a friendly face that makes me feel comfortable about coming to the rewriting center. I believe that Cathy did an outstanding job helping me out with my essays this semester. By working with Cathy my GPA has gone up from a 3.5 to a 3.7. I am really thankful for this great service ESF provides and hope it continues to be available for the students."

Omar Alsafadi

"I had a great experience working with Melanie in the writing center. It is a great resource that you should take advantage of regardless of where you are in the writing process. Usually, I bring in my final copy of a paper to improve upon it but, having another persons perspective while organizing my ideas was helpful on my last assignment. Making the appointment was also very quick and easy."

Matthew James Purdy

"The Writing Center/Public Speaking Lab was a great experience during my first two years here. Tutors here are very helpful, determined, ambitious, motivated, punctual and friendly. Every time I step into this place, I feel a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. When I finish my tutoring sessions, I feel confident in my writing skills and public speaking skills. I honestly would recommend that students visit the WRC/PSL as soon as they need help with any writing or public speaking assignment. I bet you will feel a burst of confidence in your writing/public speaking skills and you will want to share those feelings with your peers."

Elizabeth Mardy aka "Z"

"The writing center is such a great tool for students to use when they need help with their writing assignments. Whether you need assistance with organization, grammar, citations, or even comprehending an assignment, the writing center is sure to give you great feedback and help improve your grades. I go to the writing center for all of my essays and have never been let down by the feedback I've received. The writing center gets 5 out of 5 stars in my book and will continue to help me with my writing assignments throughout college!"

Kim Rondinella

What You Can Expect in a Tutoring Session

Writing tutors are experienced and accomplished writers who can help you develop writing skills. Here are a few examples of writing session goals and what tutors can do to encourage the development of your writing skills

tutoring session
  • Learn how to examine a variety of purposes, audiences, formats and structures of writing tasks.
  • Help you understand class assignment expectations.
  • Encourage you to brainstorm and think through different approaches to writing.
  • Identify and correct problems in all stages of your writing process.
  • Assist with organization and format.
  • Teach grammar and proofreading strategies as related to specific texts and assignments.
  • Note tutors are not in a position to formally edit your papers or enter into questions or disputes about grades you've received on your papers; you should discuss issues about your grade directly with your professor.

Faculty Requests for WRC Services

We welcome students who are working on specific class projects. In order to accommodate faculty requests, please contact the Coordinator at least three weeks before the service is needed and the request will be accommodated depending on the schedule and availability of staff.


We have a number of grammar books that you may find useful. We also have style books, tip sheets on various writing topics, information on preparing job application materials, and sample reports. In addition, we have computer stations and tutors who have completed the types of writing assignments you are assigned in your courses.