EFB 435/635 Flowering Plants: Diversity, Evolution, & Systematics
State University of New York, College of Environmental Science & Forestry, Syracuse, NY

How to Grow a Planet by Iain Stewart
The Power of Flowers (Episode 2)
Shorts from The Private Life of Plants by David Attenborough
The biggest flower in the world (Titan Arum, Araceae, Alismatales)
Flowers & coevolution of specialized pollinators (Iris, Iridaceae, Asparagales)
Orchid sham & bamboozled insects (Orchidaceae, Asparagales)
Giant waterlillies in the Amazon (Nymphaeaceae, Nymphaeales)
Meat-eating plants (Venus fly trap, Caryophyllales & Pitcher-plant, Ericales)
How an animal trap is made (Pitcher-plant, Saraceniaceae, Ericales)
Other time-lapse plant photography & plant documentaries
Blooming Queen of the Night Cactus (SUNY ESF Greenhouses)
The Seedy Side of Plants (PBS)
Blooming Flowers (National Geographic)
The Queen of Trees: Mutual Dependence (PBS)
Pollination Ecology in Tropical Figs (download by Georges Michaloud)
Silence of the Bees (PBS)

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