Dovciak Lab in Plant Ecology
State University of New York, College of Environmental Science & Forestry, Syracuse, NY
Department of Environmental and Forest Biology — SUNY ESF — 1 Forestry Drive — Syracuse — NY 13210
Current research
Global change impacts on forest dynamics & biodiversity
  • Global change impacts on forests of northeastern U.S. (more...)
  • Vegetation change on Long Island Central Pine Barrens (more soon...)
  • Evaluating deer impacts on forests of New York state (more...)
  • Effects of acidic deposition on forest plant biodiversity (more...)
Northern Forest (US Northeast)
Whiteface Mountain (US Northeast)
Long Island Central Pine Barrens Appalachian Trail (eastern US)
Completed research by category
Ecology and conservation of rare species
  • Enhancing ecosystem function through conservation (more...)
  • Persistence of rare cycads in angiosperm-dominated communities (more...)
  • Using fire to maintain vegetative habitat of an endangered snake (more...)
Biosphere Reserve Sierra de Alamos - Rio Cuchujaqui (Mexico)
Cicero Swamp Wildlife Management Area (US Northeast)
Forest ecosystem management effects on biodiversity
  • Diversity-stability relations in forest herbs after timber harvest (more...)
  • Forest regrowth and edge effects in regenerating forest landscapes (more...)
  • Long-term responses of forest understories to retention harvests (more...)
  • Movement of invasive plant propagules in powerline corridors (more...)
Huntington Forest, (US Northeast)
Andrews Forest (Pacific Northwest)
DEMO Study (Pacific Northwest)

Forest regeneration, stand dynamics, and silviculture

  • Effects of different thinning regimes on understory light environment (more...)
  • Environmental controls on white pine regeneration and recruitment (more...)
  • Spatial patterns of white pine regeneration and recruitment (more...)
  • Spatial patterns of beech thicket formation and beech bark disease (more...)
Huntington Forest, (US Northeast)
Cedar River Watershed (Pacific Northwest)
Superior National Forest (Midwest)

Patterns & mechanisms of grassland invasions by trees

  • Pathways in old-field succession to white pine (more...)
  • Environmental controls on Norway spruce invasion into grassland (more...)
  • Spatial patterns of grassland invasions by Norway spruce (more...)
Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve (US Midwest)
Polana Biosphere Reserve, Carpathian Mountains (Central Europe)

Influence of vegetation and land-use on biodiversity

  • Changes in forest ant assemblages across ecosystem boundaries (more...)
  • Influence of shrub encroachment on grassland ant assemblages (more...)
  • Effects of introduced conifers on diversity of forest ground beetles (more...)
Mountain ranges in western Carpathian Mountains (Central Europe)
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