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e s f letters

CCDR The Center for Community Design Research

The Center for Community Design Research (CCDR) is an outreach program within ESF Department of Landscape Architecture. Working in partnership with communities, elected officials, agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and other academic programs, the CCDR provides technical assistance, educational programs, and research projects that build community capacity to manage sustainable futures.

The CCDR activities provide educational and research opportunities for community residents, students, faculty, and staff, and promote the design and planning professions through community education, modeling new ways of working, and disseminating research findings.

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News & Updates Spring 2016

Parks Master Plan, City of Auburn, NY

project development

A team of undergraduate and graduate students are working with the CCDR to prepare a master plan that will guide decisions about capital improvements, programming, management and maintenance of Auburns 21 city parks for the next 10 years. The process is encouraging the community to consider the role and value of parks in the 21st century and how they can contribute to social, economic and environmental resilience. Over 280 community members have shared their knowledge and ideas about the parks in workshops, open house sessions and through on-line questionnaires. The student team has prepared alternative design studies for 10 of the parks that illustrate ways to accomplish the vision and goals.