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Sunday, April 19, 2015
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New in Town: START-UP NY Links New Company with ESF

Windsor Wood-a carpentry business based in India that specializes in creating Windsor chairs-is expanding and moving a branch of its business to Syracuse. Partnering with ESF, Windsor Wood USA will manufacture stronger and more resilient hardwood products, such as baseball bats, building materials, and interior car parts, using less desirable woods, such as hickory, white ash, and maple. (4/17)

Augmented Reality Games Used To Teach

"Augmented reality" isn't the title of a new science fiction movie; it's the focus of Dr. Elizabeth Folta's research. (4/17)

ESF Students Take Top Honors

ESF chemistry students took top honors at a recent research symposium. (4/16)

ESF Marks 15th Anniversary of Campus Day of Service

In 2000, the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) introduced the Campus Day of Service to the community. Now, 15 years later, the program has grown to an event that not only includes members of the ESF community, but also alumni in projects that benefit the community. (4/16)

Quidditch Tournament Benefits Local Charities

The world of Harry Potter lends a hand to area charities this weekend as the King's Cup Quidditch Tournament flies into Syracuse. (4/16)

What’s on Your Environmental Bucket List?

Most everyone has a bucket list. For college students studying the environment, it is a list with a twist that is decidedly "green." ESF students were asked, "What's on your environmental bucket list?" Their answers touched on adventure travel, scientific discovery and career accomplishments: (4/14)

Ph.D. Student Aims Video Lens at Namibian Savanna

Ph.D. student Tiffany Deater takes a cue from famed environmentalist Aldo Leopold in naming the documentary she and her partner, Jarrod Hagadorn, hope to produce about the Namibian savanna. Leopold used the phrase "thinking like a mountain" to describe the complexity of ecosystems; Deater calls her work, "Thinking Like a Savanna." (4/8)

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