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Friday, October 9, 2015
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Nature, Human Activities Create Challenges for Declining Songbirds

A former ESF graduate student's research into the lives - and deaths - of young rusty blackbirds could help scientists learn more about the complex connections between human activities and the well-being of rapidly declining species. (10/8)

ESF Faculty, Students Help Set Guinness World Record

A group of people on the ESF campus can now boast about being Guinness World Record holders. (10/6)

‘Great Experience’ Takes Grad Student to Bulgaria

ESF graduate student Rachelle McKnight spent the summer of 2015 living in the tiny Bulgarian town of Nanovitsa, hiking about four hours a day through the Eastern Rhodope mountains and monitoring a small herd of friendly de-domesticated horses that were curious enough about humans to break into her tent. (10/6)

Mighty Oaks Sports Weekend Recap

It was another busy weekend of ESF athletics as all varsity sports teams were in action to start October. (10/5)

EPA Regional Administrator to Speak Oct. 6 at ESF

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Regional Administrator Judith Enck will deliver a short talk and presentation titled, "Climate Change: A Call to Action," at ESF Oct. 6. Enck's remarks will be followed by a discussion question-and-answer period. (9/30)

Leader in American Chestnut Restoration To Receive ESF’s Feinstone Award

The SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) will present the 2015 Sol Feinstone Environmental Award to Herbert F. Darling Jr., celebrating his leadership and outstanding efforts toward restoring the American chestnut tree. (9/30)

Job Offers And No College Loans

There are two things that aren't unusual for students in ESF's paper engineering program: graduating with a job already lined up and finishing school with little to no debt. (9/29)

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